Friday, June 23, 2017


Final exams came and went. I ended up failing one of them, but I wasn't too worried as my grade was high enough to pass the course. There was also an end of the year project that ate up 2.5 weeks.

It was more or less a shitshow of drama due to the amount of people involved. The majority of it was just the normal drama you would expect, but there was one incident where an argument got out of hand and one guy put his hands around another guy's neck. They were broken up before things escalated further and it still puzzles me how some people can get so riled up over mundane things.  A part of me wanted to see how far they would go.

During the project, I started to apply for jobs. Presently, I've had 4 in-person, 2 phone interviews, and 1 more of each next week. I'm starting to get worried about being unemployed. Am I going to have to find some random job in the meanwhile? I actually had one company offer me a job today, but they lowballed my salary to the point that it was the same wage I was making before I started school, which was not impressive considering it was only a few dollars over minimum wage. I gave them a counter offer and the HR person replied that they would have to talk with the people who interviewed me and would call back.

Maybe I should of taken the offer just for the experience. It just feels like a slap in a face though. It's almost as if they're telling me the time I spent in school and outside school obtaining industry certificates was completely worthless.

I don't need a job in a prestigious company or a ridiculous salary. I just want a decent job to make me not regret going back to school. Even more so, I want to show my parents that I'm doing alright now. However, as more days pass by that thought feels further and further away. Scouring through job listings and boards yields less results everyday. I'm getting replies, so it can't be my resume. Am I fucking up during the interview? Or did they just find more qualified candidates? I have no clue anymore.

I was planning on playing SINoALICE, but Fate Grand Order's English release date is coming up this Sunday. I'm a bit skeptical of the quality of the translation due to some weird name choices, but hey, as long as it's just the names and the actual translation is good, then it's no biggie. For those that haven't heard yet, TYPE-MOON romanized Saber's true name as Altria. So Black Saber's name would Altria Alter. It's a bit of a mouthful and it gets a bit confusing considering Extella's Saber is called Altera or Attila historically. Also, Elisabeth is spelt with a S according to TYPE-MOON.

Oh well, not much you can do about that. I'll be playing both the English and JP versions simultaneously, with my JP account being my main. I would be reroll for ALTRIA Alter, but she's not available until you finish the first chapter, which takes way too long for rerolls. I'll just settle for any 5* and then save up for servants that I couldn't get on my main account. Jeanne Alter being my primary goal.

Anyways, here's some more shitty reviews of things by me.

Danmachi Sword Oratoria
What made the main series interesting was rooting for Bell as the underdog. Replace Bell with an absurdly strong protagonist and you got nothing left.

Tsuki ga Kirei
This is the most accurate depiction of awkward middle school relationships ever. It's great.

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
It's Shimakaze traveling with a furry. Their banter is great. Plot is meh.

It's Fate, but with fictional characters being summoned. Pretty interesting, but it focuses on Sota way too much.

Little Witch Academia
The movies were better. Sucy best girl. Sucy needs more screentime.

Trails in the Sky 3rd
It doesn't explain questions left from prequel. You don't play as Joshua or Estelle. Did not like.

It's basically a visual novel. Comfy as fuck. Nothing really happens. Main character is best girl. Alma second.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
I'm not sure why I bought this when I didn't enjoy the anime. I didn't even play it long enough to grab a screenshot.

Drakengard 3
I stopped after killing the first Intoner because fucking 5 FPS.

Persona 5
The 10 year wait was worth it. Justine and Caroline best girl. Why can't I romance them? Why is the main character more attractive than all the girls? Why is the school uniform so god damn stylish? When will Atlus announce Persona 5: Crimson, the enhanced remake for the PS VitaMAX Pro? How many dumb spinoffs will Persona 5 spawn? 12/10

E3 was pretty disappointing. The saving grace was Monster Hunter World. I might double dip for the PS4 and PC versions depending on how large the gap between releases are.


  1. You studied for programming? they should start from $15-$20 rate as an entry job. I kind of gave up on that, because I know i suck at interviews, so i'm fine with the way construction guys do things.

    1. >programming
      Just a bit. My studies focused more on networking and system administration.

      My body is lanky as HELL, so heavy general labor jobs are a bit too much for me.