Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Shitpost of the Year

Oh boy, it's been awhile hasn't it? Not much has happened since my last post, which explains the lack of updates. I'm halfway through my last semester for school and while part of me is relieved that it's finally over, I'm also very nervous about finding a related job. I was never good at interviews, but after getting to know my classmates over 1.5 years, I think a good number of them may be more socially inept than I am.

That said, I have a more pressing matter right now. Mid-term exams starts in a week and I feel like I haven't learned anything this semester. Part of this is my fault because I've definitely become more lazy with my studies. However, a lot of my classes feel like they're just teaching me random things now. Almost like filler to finish the final year off.

Speaking of studies, I started learning Japanese around late August. Bad news is that I stopped learning Japanese a month of two ago. I got a little bit halfway through the Anki Core 2k/6k deck and eventually Japanese and my school studies just made me get fed up with studying. I tried to get back into Japanese, but after seeing how much reviews piled up in my Anki deck all my motivation was killed.

Maybe I need a new way to study Japanese. Maybe I just need to wait until school is over before picking it up again. I don't know. Either way, the number of reviews due will just go up the longer I wait. And despite getting halfway through the deck, I still feel like shit at reading Japanese. My grammar is pretty garbage too.

Originally, my main motivation for learning Japanese was to read light novels. I'm not too sure if this is a worthwhile goal anymore as the majority of the books that I wanted to read are already being translated either by fan groups or publishers.

SAL shipping seems to slowed down to a crawl this past year. It used to only take 2-3 weeks, but the average seems to be 6-8 weeks now. I switched to EMS for 3 packages and went back to SAL because all 3 EMS packages got taxed. EMS used to never get taxed here. I guess I just have to live with the slow shipping. It sucks because Canadapost decided to stop tracking SAL shipments so I have no idea where it is after it leaves Japan.

The Playstation Vita's encryption keys was cracked awhile ago. This means that you can now play pirated games on it. The bad news is that new games require Sony's new keys and Fate/Extella was on the list. So instead of playing it on my Vita, I went out and straight up bought a PS4 to play it. Well, I hope you enjoy my half-assed reviews on the following games!


This is basically a fast Dynasty Warriors with a Fate skin. The gameplay is average and it's not challenging at all, even on higher difficulties. The story is interesting, but it never made me want to immediately see what was next. Graphically, it's quite appealing. You can tell it was designed for the Vita and then polished for the PS4 version.

On a side note, they seemed to retcon some things established in the prequel, Fate/Extra, so you may be confused if you don't read up on it before playing. The artbook helps remedy this as it has a lot of lore packed into it.

Steins;Gate 0

Technically a sequel, but not really because it takes place during the events of Steins;Gate. If you liked the original, you'll like this. The plot has less filler than the original and takes a more serious tone. The only flaw I can really mention is that at the end, you'll wonder what some of the characters that this game introduced were doing in the original. This is one of my personal favorites.


This is weeaboo Demon / Dark Souls. There's not much of a plot, but the fact that the characters are based on real people is neat. It can be summarized as the world's first weeaboo goes to Japan to save his waifu. The character models look very pretty. Requires PS Plus subscription to play online co-op.

Yakuza 0

Good story. Since this is a prequel to the original Yakuza, the ending was a bit lackluster as it had to flow into the original plot. There is a TON of things to do in this game. My game completion was only at 20% when I finished the game's main story. The battle system was a lot of fun too.

Project Diva: Future Tone

It's a music rhythm game with 224 Vocaloid songs from past Project Diva arcade games. Sometimes the graphics look a bit awkward, but overall it's cute.

Dead or Alive XTREME 3



This is easily my favorite game so far in a long time. The original prequel Nier had a great story and soundtrack. The problem with it was that the gameplay was mediocre at best and you had to replay the game multiple times to get the full ending. Automata is what Nier could of been if the gameplay was fun.

Automata is an action RPG where Androids, built by humans, are used to fight off enemy machines from an alien invasion. While it is a sequel to Nier, Automata is set so far into the future that it's basically a stand alone story with some references to the prequel.

The plot leaves quite a lot of questions unanswered, but since the story is more focused on the emotional circumstances that the characters go through, I can let it slide. The main theme of this game is nihilism, which is present almost everywhere in the game. Because of this, the few moments of hope that the game presents is very memorable.

The main characters 2B and 9S grew on me very quickly. I wasn't too sure about the character 9S at first, but he quickly became a favorite. The English dub was surprisingly good. I was planning to switch to the Japanese audio later on, but since I had no qualms with the English dub I decided to stick with it. Also, 2B is SMOKING hot. Just check out some of the fanart of her.

I'll probably go back and finish off Atelier Sophie next. My copy of Atelier Firis is already here and I'm nowhere close to finishing Sophie. Or I could start on Drakengard 3. I bought it a long time ago because the guy who made Nier also made the Drakengard series. But I also heard that it suffered from the same lackluster gameplay that Nier did, so I put it in the backlog and forgot about it. With Persona 5 coming out soon, I only have time for one game.

As for anime, I'm not really watching much. I'm only keeping up with KonoSuba (Aqua is best girl. Fight me.) and Youjo Senki. Although, Demi-chan and Little Witch Academia is my backburner for now. 

And my Snow Miku Dollfie arrived...a long time ago. I took a picture of her at the time, but never got around to making a post so here it is.


  1. I still don't have a PS4 so I can't really comment on those games. I'll pick up cute robot game when it goes on sale on steam. I was planning on picking it up on launch but then I realized that the only reason I was going to buy it was because of 2B and nothing more.

    >Aqua is best girl.

    But why?

    1. Because she's also best friend material.

  2. >after seeing how much reviews piled up in my Anki deck all my motivation was killed.

    I know that feel all too well