Friday, July 8, 2016


Well, school's finally over until September. I decided to only get one of the three possible certifications I mentioned in my last post. Mainly because one of them costs an absurd amount of money because it involves 3 exams and they charge in USD. I passed the exam for the certification that I wanted with flying colors and I feel stupid with how much I was worried about it.

I should probably find a summer job to help fuel my weeaboo fund. I don't think I can tolerate going back to a retail or warehouse position. Problem is that most summer jobs fall into that category.


I started to commission more custom stuff for a new doll. The face-up was done quite a lot sooner than I expected and is pretty much the only thing completed. The clothing probably won't be completed for at least a year based on the work pace of my last order from the seamstress. I didn't even buy a base body yet. I assumed the eyes would arrive some time next month, but I forgot that Canada Post is planning on a strike. Again. At least Snow Miku arrived before the strike, but her doll stand is also in the mail.

I don't have much to say about my life, so here's some more opinions about stupid junk.

Phoenix Wright anime was animated like dogshit.

Joker Game took forever to get anywhere and I didn't care about any of the characters.

Netoge no Yome was bad in a good way until, but you could literally the plot coming from 200 miles away.

Ragnastrike Angels is a fucking commercial for a phone game.

Rewrite had one of the worst first episodes that I've ever watched.

All the voice actors for D.Grayman were replaced and everyone has huge noses like they're from Akagi.

ReLife was generally positive for me, but it definitely had some moments where it felt boring as hell.  I also couldn't help thinking about how a one time pill that makes the taker look 10ish years younger with no side effects isn't being sold for a ridiculous amount of money.

Zero Escape Dilemma's plot is hard to follow because the scenes aren't in order at all. Imagine Kara no Kyoukai's 5th movie but times 10. Junpei transformed into an edgelord, there's a team of 3 characters where I hate everyone, there's no sexual innuendos, and Clover isn't in this game. The ending left me with even more unanswered questions and it wasn't a real conclusion.

Words Worth, the game infamous for spawning the hentai with the horse that says "Your resistance only makes my penis harder!" is pretty bad. The combat in this dungeon crawler is very simplistic tank and spank, which wouldn't be that bad if the jump in enemy strength wasn't so large every time. The game knows it too because there are times where they literally tell you that you cannot proceed until you level up. The translation is passable at best. I remember there was one scene where a character was congratulating me, but it was translated into her expressing how something was terrible.

The saving grace for this game is Nina. She's practically begging to be your waifu despite knowing there's no chance due to the main character's engagement to another girl. There's multiple endings, so I'm pretty sure she has an ending where she wins. She better because the other girl sucks.

Rokka no Yuusha light novel feels like a bunch of filler unless Fremy is in the scene. The entire thing has been "Oh no! Who's the 7th?" since the start of story.

Overlord light novel is likeable if you like the RPG world and mechanic setting. The actual plot itself seems to be heading to a trainwreck. One of the volumes was told from the point of view of new character's trying to defend their village from Ainz. This was one of the worst things I've read because it was developing characters I had no initial interest in and they had no role whatsoever in future volumes.

The publisher for Fate/Grand Order decided to put their efforts in preventing rooted and jailbroken phones from playing. Sometimes I feel like they're trying to kill off the game with their decisions. I guess I can always unroot my phone to play since I only use root for AdBlock.


  1. >At least Snow Miku arrived before the strike

    I thought she wasn't out until September or something.

    Rewrite was okay. I'm still expecting it to be terrible overall though.

    1. I think September is for the second wave for late pre-orders. I remember they did something similar for regular Miku too.