Sunday, May 1, 2016

Surprisingly Okay

I did alright on my mid-term exams, so I have a nice buffer in case my brain gets DDOS'd during the finals. There's only one class I'm a bit worried about. I thought I understood the material, but this particular teacher had a reputation for hard exams. I just didn't think it would be that bad. I'll just have to spend more time on that course when finals come around, I guess.

However, the finals aren't what worry me. There's 3 certification exams that I can get during the summer break and I'm getting extremely paranoid about them. My teachers all recommend that I get at least this particular one out of the three. I'll have a 50% voucher for the first attempt only, so I'll need to pass on one go if I don't want to drop down the big monies.

The second certification I want involves 3 exams, which means 3 times the exam fees! I'll ask my professor if there's a student discount for that one and if there isn't, I probably won't attempt them. Ironically, the courses that cover this exam's material are my highest grades.

As for the last certification exam, I don't really care about it. Hell, even the teacher covering its material suggests that you should get the other certifications first and then decide if you want this one.

Aside from taking exams, I don't know what I'll be doing during summer break. I really should get a job and I doubt there are any summer jobs that won't work me like a dog. Most likely, I'll end up working in some shitty fast food or retail store and think about suicide every night until I quit. I just want to pass my exams and be a NEET again for the rest of the summer break.

I don't really know what to write about, so I'll just start rambling about dumb stories and things I've played/watched again.

Some random guy started talking to me while I was riding the bus home. It was pretty awkward because it was pretty much him just asking stuff about me, like what I was learning at school. I shrugged it off thinking he was a bit weird, but after thinking about it, I think he was hitting on me. I'm not too sure how I feel about that.

I played HunieCam, which is basically a spin-off game of HuniePop. I didn't really like the original game, but HunieCam was pretty good. Instead of being a dating sim like the original, it was more of a tycoon game. The dialogue in the tutorials were amusing and the gameplay was much more in-depth than what I was expecting. The game itself is short, but it was worth the time spent playing. It also reminded me about the MEGA-bitch Audrey. I don't know why she's my favorite. My dick is confuse.

I'm on volume 3 of the Kagerou Daze novel. It's more or less the same as the anime with minor differences and a few more scenes. Aside from the main character's interactions with the other girls, mainly Momo and Ene, the novel doesn't have much going for it. Hopefully, it doesn't share the same ending as the anime because I vaguely recall it being kinda dumb.

I was able to play Overwatch during its weekend beta test. I actually liked it quite a bit. I've never played a FPS game for real, but that might change with Overwatch. I can't aim for shit, yet I still enjoyed it. The open beta is next week and I'll see if I like it enough to buy it. At the very least, the cinematic trailers for the game are great.

I need to slow down on buying figures.Obviously, money is an issue now that I have no income because of school, but I'm also running out of space. I just recently rearranged my figures and packed away some of my books and other misc. things for the third time.

I was considering on passing on the Remilia figure above because I found out her eyes don't actually glow in the dark like in the picture. I don't know why they would release official photos of her like that, but I ended up pre-ordering her anyways. I've been looking forward to this figure for god knows how long.

I realized the special edition of Haruka na Sora, the sequel to Yosuga no Sora, had Sora's plush bunny included with it. Its a bit too big for my doll, but I think it's close enough. She's only missing her head and wig now. It will probably be another 1.5 or 2 years before my commission will finish judging by how long my last order took. Not to mention, this order is bigger than my last.

Looking at my backlog makes me wonder what I'm doing with my spare time. I feel like I have nothing to read or watch and I know that isn't true. I didn't touch anything in my backlog today. All I did was write up this post and watch a streams on Twitch.


  1. What are you studying that has so many certifications? You trying to be an actuary?

    That Remilia figure is pretty cool. I'm out of the loop and didn't even know about it.

    1. Systems and network administration. The main reason I took it was because I thought I could land a job where I sit around browsing the internet all day long.