Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Can't get flatter than nothing

While eating lunch with some classmates, one of them asked me what my hobbies were. I answered DotA and anime on reflex, but after thinking about it I realized that I barely do either of them anymore. I don't watch much streams, I watch one or two shows per season, and I don't exactly study like crazy, so it made me wonder why I always felt like I had little or no free time.

It made me think about my future a bit. Even if my standard of living settles down to a comfortable level after I graduate, wouldn't I become a really boring and secluded individual at this rate? I'm definitely walking down that path. A good example is when someone asks me what I'm going to do when I get home or what my plans for the weekend are. I always answer with "nothing". I know I'm killing the conversation, but that's literally what I'm planning to do. Hell, I don't even know how to make online friends anymore.

For the longest time, I was more or less fine with the idea of being alone, but what about when I'm in my 30s and higher? I suppose it won't matter as I'll be teleporting to a different dimensional plane when I turn 30, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.

Anyways, I guess that's enough of the emo angst ranting. Here's some more thoughts and ramblings about games and junk.

I ended up dropping Boob and Seoul. The questing was just really boring and repetitive to me. I'm not sure if it was just me losing interest in MMOs or if it actually did suck. I still had a slight MMO itch, so I ended up playing the original .hack games for PS2. I played them a long time ago and I THINK I finished all four games, but I'm honestly not too sure. I'm on the third of the four games right now and I'm starting to get sick of the gameplay already. The entire combat system is spam one skill and heal for the ENTIRE game. If I can get through the last two games, I'll try the .hack//GU series on PS2. I know for a fact that I haven't played that. I just hope they changed the combat system.

I played a bit of Euphoria, the visual novel. The premise of the game caught my attention because it sounds like one of the "so bad it's good" type of things. I usually skip the H-scenes in VNs because they're usually pretty fucking boring and annoying with the weird moaning, but I ended up reading Euphoria's simply because of all the ridiculous fetishes that was thrust into this game. I had a good feeling about this game when one of the main girls decided to blackmail the main character for trying to hide his boner.

The plot is confusing as hell so far. I finished one girl's route, but I guess because she wasn't really the main character there was plenty of unexplained plot holes. I'm going down blackmail girl's route now because I wanted to see how dumb the hatesex between the two would be. It's pretty dumb.

Fate/Grand Order. This fucking game. I don't know if my luck stat is E- or A+++. Well, the story starts around Valentine's. Nero Bride was just released into the summoning pool and I decided to spend all my stockpiled in-game currency to summon on the day Francis Drake and Nero Bride had rate ups in the pool. I was super lucky and drew Nero on my first 10 batch roll. Getting a 5 star servant is a 1% chance per individual roll, so I was pretty happy I still had a decent stockpile left.

Fast forward to the present. Astolfo finally came into the game. He was only a 4 star, so it would be even easier to draw him with a 3% chance. Not to mention this particular event pool only had male servants, which cut out the majority of the other 4 star servants. AND like usual, every 10 batch roll would guarantee at least one card was a 4 star or higher servant/equipment. Should be easy to get him, right? I went through my entire stockpile and didn't get him. But hey, I made a decent amount of change from selling my account from a different phone game. I'll become a dirty pay2win shitlord with that money. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS LATER I STILL DON'T HAVE HIM. I gave up.

On the bright side, this is 200 Canadian dollars, which is equal to roughly $20 in America. I also drew two of the same 5 star servant. I'm actually kinda mad about it now that I think about it. I don't want the 5 star servant. I just want my delicious boypussy, Astolfo. The 5 star is Amakusa Shirou, in case you were wondering.

I still can't believe that happened. Overall, I can at least use Shirou in my team, but he doesn't seem that great. His Noble Phantasm looks like he's throwing two of Naruto's Rasengans or whatever the fuck it's called except it doesn't do much damage. It has a bunch of other side effects, which is super-situational. On the other hand, Astolfo would be complete dead weight on my team because I would be benching better servants for a cheerleader. Not to mention, his stats and skills are terrible. Yeah...I would trade away Shirou for Astolfo in a heartbeat if I could.

A new game, Fate/Extella, was just announced too. It's based on the EXTRA universe, which means a certain foxy shaman and "UMU!" tyrant is in it. It's a long shot, but maybe XSEED will decide to revive their efforts to localize Fate/Extra CCC. I doubt they would invest that much into a PSP game that can only be localized for the superpopularandhugelibraryofgames Vita system. Regardless, I'll probably buy the JP copy of Extella if the special edition contains a figma like the original Extra game. I mean, they were already making a figma and then this game gets announced? Why wouldn't they bundle them, right?

On a unrelated note, after going through my dream diary, I've noticed that the amount of weeaboo dreams I have is decreasing. This is actually fairly depressing as it was one of the few things I looked forward to. I've only had 12 of them in 2014 and 2015 combined compared to the 31 in 2012 and 2013.

I also found this on YAJ for roughly 5000 Yen. Apparently, it was used for a cosplay shoot and they didn't have any use for it anymore. The seller had a bunch of other similar items up, like Fate's Bardiche, but I didn't want to throw away that much money.


  1. I'm a boring and secluded individual and it wasn't bad until I got a shitty job.

    >Hell, I don't even know how to make online friends anymore.

    I never knew how. Don't worry about it, mang. As long as there's animu and vidya people like us will be fine.

    1. >it wasn't bad until I got a shitty job

      Part of my reason of going to school was to escape that situation, but I'll probably be back in the same spot in a year or two.