Monday, January 25, 2016

Monopoly Money

Well, first semester is finally over and I actually did better than I thought. I ended up with a 3.8 GPA. I kinda got fucked on one of my finals because the majority of the questions was asking about transfer speeds and the number of pins something had. I literally took a shot in the dark for all of those questions. The highest mark for that final was a 62% and I ended up getting a 42%. I have the same professor for another class this semester and he's probably going to do the same shit.

I mentioned before that I was playing some shitstain casual phone game called Age of Ishtaria. I ended up quitting and selling all my waifu cards away. I was able to make a little under $600 USD, which basically makes me a millionaire in Canada. I was planning on buying a PS4 with the cash, but I realized there was only 2 exclusives on the system that I wanted to play (Nights of Azure and Star Ocean 5).

With Ishtaria out of the way, I've gained an abundance of free time, so here are some quick impressions on things I've been playing and watching.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive
This game's gameplay is dogshit.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
This game is good shit. It feels like it took the best tidbits of every JRPG and fused them together. The plot is the weakest aspect of the game due to its predictability. Magic is super overpowered.

Boob and Seoul
All the preset loli characters look like fugly midgets. I had to go to some Chinese moonrune site to find a custom setting to make a decent loli. Here she is.

Also, the questing is complete dogshit and there are login queues lodged up my ass.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Imagine Sword Art Online not being shitty and without the MMO menus and skills.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Guy slips through time to save lolis

Utawarerumono: Milking the Franchise

Musaigen no Phantom World
Useless MC and boobs makes friends with a girl that sucks stuff up through her gaping hole.

I also picked up Fate Grand order back again. Even though I stopped playing it before, I still logged in for the login bonus. Now that I finally drew some good servants instead of a bunch of black keys and Kireis, I started to play it for real. It's actually pretty fun now that I have servants that I actually like instead of some shitstain hero that I have never heard of.

I just wish that some of the item drops didn't have what feels like a 0.01% drop rate. I need a total of 6 snake jewels to ascend Gilgamesh and I have 3. Two of them I got as event rewards, so I basically gained 1 through drops and I've been farming the living ass out of them. Also, Tamamo best grill.

As for the new custom dollfie I mentioned before, I have everything ready except her face-up and wig. I'm not sure how the eyes will look since I don't have her head yet, but buying another set of eyes is pretty cheap.


  1. >I realized there was only 2 exclusives on the system that I wanted to play (Nights of Azure and Star Ocean 5).
    What about Bloodborne?

    >Trails in the Sky
    I actually really liked the story and characters more than the gameplay. Granted, it's been three years since I last played it and I didn't even finish it. All of the battles were too easy so it felt like a drag but the world felt so comfy. I still remember the culture festival as my favorite part of the whole game.

    >Tamamo best grill.
    Because she isn't an outright Seibah clone.

    1. >Bloodborne
      I wouldn't mind Bloodbourne, but I never did finish Dark Souls despite liking Demons Souls.

      >I actually really liked the story and characters more than the gameplay
      I wasn't really interested in the story, but the characters really made the game shine. The sequel just got released in the west and I'm in the middle of playing that one.

      >Seibah clone
      Even Fate/Grand Order knows how ridiculous it is. The last event introduced an Assassin class Seibah and her only goal was to eradicate the cancer known as the Seibah face.