Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Clever Post Title

School has been ok so far. Just finished mid-term exams and ended up with a 3.38 GPA. After my first exam, I realized that I made a lot of dumb mistakes on the short answer questions, so I decided to double check any future ones thoroughly. It didn't matter because I still went full retard. Ironically, the exam that I made the most stupid mistakes on was the one I did the best on.

With exams over, a number of students seemed to have dropped out. Most of them were the kids who came straight out of high school and goofed off most of the time. This made the classes less rowdy, but now I can't blend in the crowd as well. I also heard there was one guy who was forced to drop out because he got into a serious argument with two teachers about his grades. I wasn't there when it happened, but the guy had some anger issues in the classroom before, so yeah.

I've been debating about making another custom doll for awhile now and I ended up caving in to temptation. I decided to use my Nagato Yuki Dollfie's head and body for my new girl because I already have Azone's Nagato Yuki. Nagato DD's face doesn't resemble her anime counterpart that well either. Depending on how she looks with the new eyes I ordered, I may have to buy a new head with a custom face-up.

The only thing that I haven't ordered for my new girl yet is her wig. Her hairstyle isn't that complicated outside her double ahoge, so I hope the cost for commissioning a custom wig isn't absurd. Her and Snow Miku will probably be the last for a long time. At least until I finish school and stabilize my finances, anyways.

I'm slowly playing through Corpse Party: Blood Drive in my spare time. I feel like I'm 20ish% through the game and it's actually pretty bad so far. There's a FUCKTON of loading screens everywhere. Want to open the menu while playing? LOAD SCREEN. Want to go to your items from said menu? LOAD SCREEN. Want to exit back to the game from item menu? TWO LOAD SCREENS. It's ridiculous.

The exploration is kinda ass too. The amount of times when I thought "I know what I need to do, but I have no idea how to get there or accomplish that" is way too high. There's been an instance where I had to inspect something I previously inspected to get an item and the game made no effort to tell me that. Another highlight moment was when I had to inspect something a second time right after I JUST INSPECTED IT. How the fuck am I supposed to know this? Am I supposed to inspect everything multiple times every time I come across it? The game warned me NOT to do that because it would make my character lose her fucking sanity. I don't blame her either. I would lose my sanity doing that shit.

The graphics are hit or miss. They use 3d chibi models for the characters that actually look nice. The problem is that this game is a horror adventure and it clashes with the cute style. I don't really like the plot so far, but it has plenty of time to develop. At the very least, I do like that Ayumi is the main character. She's cute.


  1. >3.38

    Can you satisfy your waifu with something that small?

    >menu loading screens

    Not even once

    1. >Can you satisfy your waifu with something that small?

      I can, using the techniques I've learned from my h-doujins.