Thursday, February 12, 2015


Welp. I'm still on that wait list for the electrician trade program. They recently updated the requirements to have high school Physics. That kinda fucks me because I took Bio in high school instead of Physics. I'm probably just going to give up on this. Applying for an accounting diploma program is still a possible option. I could use it to get a BBA if I wanted to in the future as well. I'll look more into it when next terms registration opens.

Job security is a term that no longer exists at my workplace. A bunch of people got laid off and I have a gut feeling I'm next if things get worse. It sucks because the department I'm in is the only one that isn't bleeding money. However, everyone else is a supervisor or manager, so it's going to be me.

I decided to get a tattoo awhile back ago and I'm scheduled to get it done at the end of next month. I met the artist a couple of days ago and he drew a rough draft for me after taking a look at my reference items. It's going to be a grey scale realistic half sleeve with some illustrative elements, but it only wraps around 3/4 of my arm. The illustration itself is basically one big skull with two mini skulls near the top and bottom. He was pretty hyped up when drawing the draft and I found out it was because this was the type of stuff he likes to draw.

I emailed the guy making my custom dollfie wig. Apparently, he's behind on all his orders and most likely won't be finished within February. Not a big deal. Just a bit disappointed as the wig is the last piece missing.

Monster Hunter 4 comes out tomorrow and I am HYPED as SHIT to play it. Not even going to touch Majora's Mask. Well, maybe I'll play just to get Cremia to hug me, but that's it. Anyways, here's some more short game summaries.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth - Couldn't play for more than 10 mins. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

Danganronpa 2 - Some plot elements really broke my immersion at times. One of the murder cases was really well done. Like jesus. That moment when you start to uncover the truth.

PersonaQ - Dumbed down Etrian Oddysey fused with Persona fanfiction. Still enjoyable.

World of Warcraft WoD - I quit. Why did I even come back to this game?

Darkest Dungeon - One of the best games I've played recently. The only game that make me yell out in excitement/despair when a critical hit occurs.

Kancolle Winter Event - Nothing really new. Used the same Summer Event strategy to clear the last map. (Praying to KitaKAMI so she targets the boss with a cut-in attack)

Kancolle anime sucks. Why am I enjoying it? It's literally all fanservice. I'll do a favorite shipgirl list too since I did one a long time ago for Touhou. Only top 5 though.

#1 Kaga

 #2 Wo

#3 Shimakaze

#4 Akashi

#5 Fubuki
'Cause starter ship attachment


  1. You could always just take an introductory physics course at a community college if you can afford it. I looked into accounting before. It seems boring, but it's a job. Just getting a job is all that really seems to matter. I wouldn't recommend the military, by the way.

    I have well over 100 episodes of anime I need to watch to catch up on everything.

  2. I am sure there is always supplementary class if you miss something from high school in college. I hope you show us your tattoo later :D
    I just wish t see jun'you in the anime ^^