Monday, October 6, 2014

Here We Go

I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I didn't make it into September classes and I thought I'd be alright with that, but it feels like I'm wasting away my time. I thought about working towards an accounting diploma as an alternative choice because I could get a related job at my current workplace. However, who knows what the situation will be in the two years it will take for me to get that diploma. I'll have to take a catch up math course to be up to par because I suck ass at math too.

That said, my work environment is alright, I guess. I mentioned before that socializing with my co-workers is the worst part and that hasn't changed. Everyone is nice to me, which is good, but I can't shrug off the thought that everyone secretly hates each other.

I sort of slowed down on playing video games. I was planning on picking up Danganronpa 2 and the Hyperdimension Neptunia remake on the Vita on release date and I still haven't bought them. I picked up Diablo 3 again because they implemented the ladder system from Diablo 2 and the expansion was on sale. The game isn't as fun as when it first came out, but at least the changes generate a positive opinion from me. In the past, every patch would make me hate the game even more.

I know I said I was going to play the shit out of the Sword Art Online game on the Vita, but I gave up on it. The game just has so many flaws it's hard to keep playing. 4/10

Smash bros is fun. I don't know if I just suck from not playing since Melee because it feels like Marth was nerfed. His range feels shorter and his aerial attacks feel more laggy at the end. There's not much to do in single player and the online mode is filled with lag spikes and input delay. Not like it matters anyways because I'm horrible at this game. Maybe the lag will settle down in a couple of days.

I've been thinking about buying a motorbike. Mainly because of the people I encounter on the train commute to work. It's nothing crazy, just the usual public transportation junk. I think the type of person that bothers me the most are the students that have HUGE ASS BACKPACKS and they have no idea how big they are. At least take the damn thing off.

But yeah, bikes. Why a bike over a car? I'd like to say my reason is because I want to save money on gas or something logical, but it's not. I just have a silly idea in the back of my head that it would be nice to travel around the world on a bike. Not caring about social status, keeping up appearances, or being tied down to a job. I have no idea how I would make money if I did this, especially when the areas I want to go to are the rural areas where there's nothing but farms or something. I doubt I'll get one. At least for now. Buying a bike when fall just started seems like a stupid idea. Even more so considering I live in a rainy city.

No updates for dolls. I'll probably receive Volk's Miku before any of the other stuff I ordered for my custom girl arrives. They're supposed to be including some free doll tape to help prevent staining in all the Miku orders. Oh boy, can't wait to see all the black markings Miku will have on her legs and arms.

I was considering on getting a custom outfit made for Miku. Something in lighter colors so she won't stain as easily. The only outfit of hers that came to my mind that I was extremely fond of was the one she wore in Sweet Devil. I looked up the video for the song to refresh my memory and, well... BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK. On closer inspection, the outfit resembles what I ordered for my custom girl a bit too much too. That's probably why I like it though.

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  1. Bikes are fun, you should get one. Even in the rain they're not so bad as long as you have a decent waterproof jacket.