Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scams and Spam

I decided to make a post whenever one of my doll parts arrives in the mail and throw some shit about my life along with it. Well, here we go. Still no luck with a new job and the having the majority of my emails being returned by scams is discouraging. The scams usually involve receiving stuff in the mail, which are totally not bought using stolen credit card info, and forwarding them somewhere else. The other popular one is getting a call that they'd like to schedule an interview and getting only vague information about the job and company. Googling the company usually leads to it being a pyramid scheme or something similar.

The few legit interviews I get all end up with them choosing someone else. There was even one company that advertised the same job position a week after I went in for an interview with them. It makes me wonder if I fucked up somehow. I probably did because I would have a new job by now if I didn't.

I started to drink more often too. Mainly because it helps me watch or play anime and video games I would have normally given up on. Having the next day off and staying up to drink and play games is the highlight of my life right now. Anyways, here's some super quick thoughts on recent games I've played.

Conception II - Only the dating sim part is fun. Every dungeon is the same and every boss just spams a high damage AOE attack.

Soul Sacrifice - Gave up on it. Tried it because it was supposed to be like Monster Hunter, but badass and dark. Didn't like that my attacks were limited in use. Heard the new version, Delta, fixes that. Not going to rebuy the game just to try it again.

Ys: Memories of Celceta - Fun and short game. Story sucked. Characters didn't develop at all.

Demon Gaze - Etrian Odyssey, but worse and with boobs. Still pretty good.

Bravely Default - Story too serious for me.

Zelda: Link Between Worlds - Basically ripped off Link to the Past to the very bone. 11/10

Atelier Escha - It's an atelier game. Nothing really happens.

Witch & the 100 Knight - Gave up quickly on it. Game design felt like it was made to waste the player's time. One of the worst tutorials I've played.

Time & Eternity - Gave up. Bought it cause I heard it was abysmal and on sale. $10 wasted.

Monster Monpiece - Monster girls too human. Fun card game.

Aterlier Rorona Plus - Huge improvement from original. Meruru still best Atelier.

Black Rock Shooter: THE GAME - Story sucked. Every character was a huge dick to BRS.

Finally, time for the doll part of the post. Her ears and tail came in today.

I have some mixed feelings about them. I like how they look and feel, but the way you put them on isn't ideal. The ears are put on like a helmet with a chin strap. You're supposed to hide the small buckle under the doll's chin, right where the neck connects. It hides most of it, but you can still see it. The clear elastic wire messes with the wig a bit too. The tail...well, I'm not even sure I'm putting it on correctly. There's a safety pin at the start of the tail that you use to attach it to her clothing? Maybe her panties? I don't know. Either way makes the tail feel loose. I'll try playing around with it a bit more later.

I haven't made much progress on styling the wig, but I did realize it would be more difficult than I first thought. I'm still going to try, but just in case, I commissioned someone to make a custom wig for me. The wig order put me over my planned budget for her, which is fine. I already started, so there's no point in stopping.

The next item to arrive should be her shoes and temporary clothing because the seamstress I commissioned for her main outfit can't start my order until October. However, her eyes may beat the shoes here. I'll finish with another picture of Nagato sporting the new goods.


  1. >Story too serious for me.

    >Basically ripped off Link to the Past to the very bone. 11/10

    Instead of looking for a job, why not try something artistic instead?

    1. It's mainly lack of motivation that stops me. I find it difficult to watch and play anime and games these days too. I'm considering to train my left hand so I become ambidextrous. Pretty stupid goal, but it's something?