Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Giant's Wallet

Finally got a new job after grinding through who knows how many job postings. Ironically, I received quite a few interview opportunities after I accepted the job.

I'm still on my first week, but this job is miles better than my previous one. Working at my old job would cause me to become dead tired to the point of falling asleep in front of my computer. This job? Eight hours and I feel wide awake. Depending on how sales are in the future, they may hire me full time with benefits.

I haven't quit my old job yet because the new job will be 20-40 hours a week. I worked it out so I only work weekends at my old job, which are the days my new job won't schedule me. I'm working 8 hours everyday this week. If this becomes a regular thing, I'll probably quit my old job.

There's not much else to report. Still haven't heard anything from school about getting in the September classes. I guess it's okay now because of having two jobs. I'd still rather get in school asap.

I haven't gone out running for awhile now. I stopped around last week because of the sudden heat wave and getting depressed about the lack of responses from employers. I'm not sure when I'll get back into it. I don't want to be seen by many people so I can't run in the afternoon. Nighttime isn't an option either because I have to go to sleep for work. I guess I could wake up SUPER early, but I love my bed. Maybe I'll stop for good. I only started running to distract myself with runner's high anyways.

Doll time! Her eyes, shoes, and temporary outfit came this week. I can't really show you what the eyes look like since I don't have a spare head. I'm not sure why the shoes have flower carvings on the soles.

I'm not too crazy about the outfit, but it was something inexpensive I picked out for her to wear until the seamstress I hired can start on my order. I think the main problem is the black frills are too large. Having a L size bust makes the shirt look a bit unnatural as well. I forgot to buy socks so she can't wear the new shoes yet. Well, she can, but I'm positive those shoes will stain her feet without socks.

I bought some rare earth magnets to make the tail and ears attach more neatly. I'm waiting for her head to come back from the face up before I work on it. I want to check how strong the magnets are if one of them is under the vinyl and wig. I also commissioned a custom tail because I'm not 100% satisfied with the one I have now. I probably should of ordered a custom in the first place, but at least I really like the ears. I'm not sure if the tail or the face up will arrive first, but I'm betting on the tail.

It's surprisingly fun to plan out what I need for my custom doll. It's kinda tempting to start another, but I probably shouldn't with Miku coming around the corner. Although, the new job does give me a huge income boost...I probably won't do it, but if I did, I was thinking of making a custom Suigintou. I know there's a Super Dollfie of her, but with those aftermarket prices, I'd rather spend the same amount on a custom. I'd rather she have a more 2D look too.


  1. >running outside

    Brave as h*ck. I had to buy a treadmill.

    How much did it cost to get all this stuff for your doll?

    1. A lot more than I expected. It's roughly $1200 CAD after all the shipping costs and currency exchange. I'll paste a list I made with the individual costs before shipping. These prices are in USD.

      eyes 15
      wig 35
      temp clothing 18
      boots 16
      tail ear 40
      face up 40
      casual clothing 240
      custom wig 132
      custom tail 35

      At least the magnets were cheap. Two dollars for eight! Daaaaaamn, such value.