Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Mini Dollfie Dream Prisma Illya by Volks

Illya is easily my favorite character in the Fate series. She was actually my main motivation to get through the Heaven's Feel arc in the visual novel because I didn't really like Sakura that much. I also remember that the first MDD Illya was one of the things I wished I had when I was still in high school with no job or allowance, so I'm pretty happy Volks made another version of her. Someone in there must be a pretty big Illya fan...or maybe they wanted to milk the Fate franchise more without using Saber again.

The box and packaging is the standard stuff from Volks. Nothing special here.

Here we have the instruction sheet. It shows how put on Illya's gloves by removing her normal hands.

 Front, back, and sides.

Sometimes when I look at her face, I think she looks a bit pudgy. I think it's mainly because I'm used to the 2D image of her in my mind. I'm tempted to try my hand at styling her hair so her bangs look more similar to her stock photos, but I can't even style my own hair, let alone a doll wig.

One thing I don't like about Illya's wig is that gap in the side because of her twin tails. It just looks awkward and weird.

Volks did a good job with Illya's magical girl costume. The only gripe I have with it is the ribbon in front has a gap where it should connect to the collar of her cape. It doesn't look realistic or accurate. The cape has a flexible wire inside of it to let you change it's position to some extent.

The boots are made of what I believe is leather. I suck at identifying materials, so yeah. Regardless, the material gives it some nice traction. Illya's leg pouch is actually a real pouch. It's a shame Volks didn't make any class cards as accessories for you to put them in the cute pouch.

Can't forget Illya's trusty wand, Ruby! Illya has a nice grip on Ruby despite not actually having any hands inside the gloves. You have to remove her regular hands to put on the gloves because the gloves replace her hands entirely. The glove is hollow and stiff so it can't really move much. There's nothing locking them in place either, meaning they sometimes just fall off.

I'm not a big fan of the design of Illya's magical girl costume and I'm a sucker for uniforms so I ended up grabbing her school uniform as well!

It's more or less what you expect from a school uniform except it comes with an additional wig. Aside from not having twin tails, this wig is exactly the same as the previous. This means no strange gap on the sides!

I definitely prefer this set of clothing compared to the first.

Her school bag can be opened just like the pouch and it even has a real metal buckle. Although, it sort of gets in the way of Illya's hair.

Unfortunately, there's one thing about this uniform that bugs the hell out of me. Her hat isn't actually "worn". There's two clips inside the hat and you attach it somewhere on her wig. It does a decent job of holding the hat in place, but clipping them on messes her hair up. Or maybe I just suck at clipping it on. I don't know.


  1. She's super cute. Especially in her school uniform.

    I also think the face looks off by quite a bit. So much so that if you dressed her up in random clothes, I wouldn't be able to tell who she is. Such is life when you transition from 2D to 3D, I guess.

    >that gap in the side because of her twin tails

    How thick is her hair? You might be able to pull a few strands down to fill in the gaps.

    1. The twin tails get in the way when I try to cover the gaps with hair. It only partially covers the gap, but it's still visible. I can always use the alternative wig, so it isn't that bad.

  2. I fully agree on the school uniform, very cute.

    The faces on these dolls always looked more generic than the 2D anime versions of the characters to me (apart from the eyes of course). Maybe it's just an inevitability of the 3D transition, but I don't think figures have it quite as bad.

    1. Yeah, the upcoming Miku dollfie suffers from the generic face problem too. Miku still looks gorgeous though.