Friday, May 2, 2014

One More Shitpost

I landed myself a second job that is a 3 week assignment. This resulted in working every single day, which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought. The pay is really good and the work is unbelievably easy. The only downside is that the commute is long and more expensive than usual. It makes me sad that I only have a week left at that place and I'll have to go back to my dead end job that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. After getting a taste of such a desirable job, I find myself wondering to myself "What the fuck am I doing here?" when I'm working a shift at my first job.

My progress in schoolwork has pretty much come to a full stop since I started the second job. I'm thinking about changing my mind about taking Computer Science and switching to learn a trade skill, most likely electrical or plumbing. Ideally, I want to work at my new job even after the 3 week assignment is finished, but I doubt it will happen. A lot of the employees there were talking about how people in the company were losing their jobs and there was a union poster with some info about fighting off layoffs or something. I suspect that some of the info that I collect and record during my shift is going to be used in a way to layoff people as well.

So yeah, that's more or less my life as of late. Life still sucks. Also, I suffer from insomnia now. It's real great. I can't fall asleep while I'm in bed, yet I struggle to stay awake during my commute on the train. The sudden heat wave here isn't helping either.

Next post will be about a dollfie I just bought. I wish I had won the Volks lottery for her to save a nice chunk of money, but oh well. Try to guess who she is!


  1. Get non-prescription sleeping pills. I was taking Diphenhydramine for a while, and it worked great. The only downside is that your body will adjust to them.

  2. >a dollfie I just bought

    Jelly as h*ck. I'll finally be able to get back into these hobbies in about a year. I'll look forward to your post about her.

    1. Good to hear. Any plans on what you're getting first?

  3. Also looking forward to hearing about the dollfie - that's something I'd like to get into myself, though I have no idea where to start.