Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tired of this Shit

Shortly after my previous post, I started to hunt for another job on a daily basis. I landed a job recently and it's quite depressing. It's a warehouse job, so I thought it would be nice that I wouldn't have to talk to that many people, but my supervisor treats everyone he dislikes like a retard. I have no idea what I did to get on his bad side and I doubt I can ever get him to treat me any different. An example that happened to me was when I asked him where this particular box was supposed to go and he just looked at me with an expression of disbelief as if he was thinking "Really?!" Another example that happened to someone else was when a co-worker asked him if he can help with anything. The supervisor replied with "What can you help with? What CAN you help with?" That co-worker also seems to be the supervisor's favorite to pick on. He even told me on my first shift that that worker "was a good example of a bad example". This was before he classified me as a retard and I thought he was just joking at the time. No one seems to say anything about it either.

However, it does sort of make sense. I applied to the job and got a response on the same day despite having no warehouse experience. My interviewer hired me on the first interview and didn't even ask for my work references. I guess the whole thing is no secret to the people who work in the office side of the warehouse.

I have my third shift tomorrow and I'm probably going to quit. Working with that guy is insufferable and there's a bunch of tiny things that make this job kind of suck too. Here's naming a few:

- I get a bunch of small cuts and scruffs on my hands from I have no fucking idea

- Environment is SUPER dusty. Not proud to say this, but at the end of my shift I clean the inside of my nose with a tissue and it turns black. Literally.

- My commute time is roughly 90 mins. Train tickets cost more than normal because of long distance.

I feel pretty bad about quitting. Not to my employers, but my parents. I don't want to leech off them forever. I felt really bad when they asked me how was my new job like when I got back home the first day. I told them it was okay, but I think they saw through me because they replied telling me that I could take my time to find a good job.

I guess the daily job hunt is back. I think I'm going to try full time at my old job for a bit. I didn't quit it yet despite getting the new job and it worked out in the end. Maybe I'll try to get promoted to a management position to make my resume more impressive. Almost everyone knows I hate my job, so it might be hard to do that. Ironically, my boss mentioned a long time ago that she had plans to make me a manager in the future and I told her I didn't want to be one.

On a different note, I applied to a college and was accepted around a month or two ago. I haven't signed up for classes yet, because I need to upgrade my math courses and I decided to do it at an adult school simply because the college upgrade courses would cost ten times more. I took the self paced version and flew through 1/3rd of the content in a couple of days and then stopped touching it because of job interviews and work. I probably could of finished it by now, but whenever I come home from work, I just feel exhausted. I'll fall asleep in my chair from time to time if I'm not careful. I did try to force myself to do the course work after coming home one time and I barely made any progress because my concentration was complete shit. Writing this blog post took me 5-6 hours so far so yeah. I'm still uncertain about going back to school. It feels like I'm using it as an excuse not to work full time.

Sadly, I haven't had much time to play video games. New releases keep coming through the mail and I just toss them on the shelf with the exception of Atelier Escha. I'm a huge fan of the Atelier games and it sucks that I can't just wake up, play this game, then go to sleep, and repeat until I finish it. I haven't gotten that far in it yet, but I can already tell that this was a big step up from Atelier Ayesha. Atelier Meruru was my favorite so far, but depending on how Escha goes, it may steal that spot. I'm a bit sad that my favorite Twilight trilogy character isn't playable in Escha, but at least she's in it. Wilbell as future DLC is nice too.


  1. I work a warehouse/delivery job too. Warehouse work is probably one of the worst jobs you can get outside of fast food and retail.

    >90 minute commute

    Not even once.

    Good luck with the classes and finding a decent job. Have you looked into trade schools? I've considered getting into welding or electrical shit. It seems like decent money for 6-12 months of schooling, so it's an option to consider.

    1. It's kind of funny because all my previous jobs were fast food or retail. I'm aiming for an office job, but the closest I can get is the first interview, if I'm lucky.

      I thought about taking some electrical program in a trade school too. I figured taking Computer Science at a college would be better for me since I would at least have some slight interest in what I'm learning. I hope things are going alright for you as well.

  2. I worked in warehouse too back then when try to earn money for college for a year. get job on their packing department ahahaha just can't stand when the co-workers fight and shout (mostly ladies in 40s) the commute also an hour or so.

    Good luck with College and future Jobs

    1. Yeah, getting sucked into drama at work is something I want to avoid at all costs.