Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tired of this Shit

Shortly after my previous post, I started to hunt for another job on a daily basis. I landed a job recently and it's quite depressing. It's a warehouse job, so I thought it would be nice that I wouldn't have to talk to that many people, but my supervisor treats everyone he dislikes like a retard. I have no idea what I did to get on his bad side and I doubt I can ever get him to treat me any different. An example that happened to me was when I asked him where this particular box was supposed to go and he just looked at me with an expression of disbelief as if he was thinking "Really?!" Another example that happened to someone else was when a co-worker asked him if he can help with anything. The supervisor replied with "What can you help with? What CAN you help with?" That co-worker also seems to be the supervisor's favorite to pick on. He even told me on my first shift that that worker "was a good example of a bad example". This was before he classified me as a retard and I thought he was just joking at the time. No one seems to say anything about it either.