Monday, October 6, 2014

Here We Go

I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I didn't make it into September classes and I thought I'd be alright with that, but it feels like I'm wasting away my time. I thought about working towards an accounting diploma as an alternative choice because I could get a related job at my current workplace. However, who knows what the situation will be in the two years it will take for me to get that diploma. I'll have to take a catch up math course to be up to par because I suck ass at math too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Giant's Wallet

Finally got a new job after grinding through who knows how many job postings. Ironically, I received quite a few interview opportunities after I accepted the job.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scams and Spam

I decided to make a post whenever one of my doll parts arrives in the mail and throw some shit about my life along with it. Well, here we go. Still no luck with a new job and the having the majority of my emails being returned by scams is discouraging. The scams usually involve receiving stuff in the mail, which are totally not bought using stolen credit card info, and forwarding them somewhere else. The other popular one is getting a call that they'd like to schedule an interview and getting only vague information about the job and company. Googling the company usually leads to it being a pyramid scheme or something similar.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Life is Hard

I got another temporary assignment from the same company I mentioned in an earlier post. There's a lot more work and people this time, which makes it harder to know who did what. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but the supervisors found a lot of mistakes in the paperwork. It has gotten so bad that now you have to sign in and out with a secretary to know what you're doing and what part you're doing. I haven't made any mistakes yet, but it sure does make me paranoid as hell. Although, I can't blame them for doing this. There's a nice number of co-workers that I genuinely think are retards and it makes me wonder how they got hired. On the bright side, the regular employees there are treating me nicely. One of them even jokingly said that they should sign a petition to get me hired full-time. I wish they did.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Mini Dollfie Dream Prisma Illya by Volks

Illya is easily my favorite character in the Fate series. She was actually my main motivation to get through the Heaven's Feel arc in the visual novel because I didn't really like Sakura that much. I also remember that the first MDD Illya was one of the things I wished I had when I was still in high school with no job or allowance, so I'm pretty happy Volks made another version of her. Someone in there must be a pretty big Illya fan...or maybe they wanted to milk the Fate franchise more without using Saber again.

Friday, May 2, 2014

One More Shitpost

I landed myself a second job that is a 3 week assignment. This resulted in working every single day, which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought. The pay is really good and the work is unbelievably easy. The only downside is that the commute is long and more expensive than usual. It makes me sad that I only have a week left at that place and I'll have to go back to my dead end job that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. After getting a taste of such a desirable job, I find myself wondering to myself "What the fuck am I doing here?" when I'm working a shift at my first job.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tired of this Shit

Shortly after my previous post, I started to hunt for another job on a daily basis. I landed a job recently and it's quite depressing. It's a warehouse job, so I thought it would be nice that I wouldn't have to talk to that many people, but my supervisor treats everyone he dislikes like a retard. I have no idea what I did to get on his bad side and I doubt I can ever get him to treat me any different. An example that happened to me was when I asked him where this particular box was supposed to go and he just looked at me with an expression of disbelief as if he was thinking "Really?!" Another example that happened to someone else was when a co-worker asked him if he can help with anything. The supervisor replied with "What can you help with? What CAN you help with?" That co-worker also seems to be the supervisor's favorite to pick on. He even told me on my first shift that that worker "was a good example of a bad example". This was before he classified me as a retard and I thought he was just joking at the time. No one seems to say anything about it either.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Year of the Shitposts

It's been awhile since I made a post about my life, so I guess this might be a long one. Nothing has really changed. I go to work because I need money, I remember why my job sucks, and then I go home to play video games with the money earned. I should probably look for another job, but I tend to become lazy when I'm at home and I try not to think about work at all.