Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: 1/6 Tomoe Mami Real Action Heroes MGM by Medicom Toy

I guess it was pointless in trying to escape from the jaws of materialistic greed because I ended up buying this pricey figure. Despite my best efforts of self-restraint, I still click the order button like a headless chicken. Oh well, it can't be helped.

The front and side are identical on the back and other side. It's a very simplistic and clean presentation that I like quite a bit. There's no windows to show the product which may bug some people, but wait...

It has a front flap that reveals a huge window and promo shots of the product! I love this design type for boxes. To make it even better, there's two hidden magnets that keep the flap securely closed. I wish more figure boxes adapted this design.

The blisters secure the contents efficiently. The small tabs that lock the blisters in place are hidden fairly well.

Mami is leaning on the chair for support, but she can stand on her own with no problems. I chose to use the extra support in the pictures above because the chair doesn't provide a flat surface that Mami needs to be completely stable.

I thought her hair curls would be fragile, but they're surprisingly strong. They even have joints attached on Mami's head so you can adjust their position.

Mami's skirt has a flexible and stiff wire that allows you to change the way the skirt looks to an extent.

Mami's clothing actually hides every ball joint except the two attached on her hair curls. Don't get me wrong, I like ball joints, but this is impressive.

Her boots are made of rubber and can be easily removed. I wouldn't recommend it because Mami's socks have a lot of extra space at the end. It just looks...weird. Another weird thing is that the inside of her boots smell heavily of paint.

There's also no traction on her soles, but that's not really a problem. The rubber material creates enough friction on most surfaces that feels a lot more effective than traction.

Her two alternative faces is a winking face and her despair face from an oh so memorable scene. I almost lost my head because that particular face was a huge struggle to attach and remove. The other two faces are super easy peasy, but this one was just ugh.

Can't forget about Mami's hat! It's actually the easiest thing to swap out. You just tug lightly at her soul gem pin and it slides right out.

Mami might not come with much variety for accessories, but she does come with quantity. Included are six of her rifles, each with their individual stands to hold them upright.

 And finally, here's Charlotte in her first form.

She comes with her own stand that totally isn't overkill in height and it lodges itself securely in her bum. Nice.

Oh yeah, here's Mami's stand. It's basically a figma stand, but with a claw arm. Cool.

The stand does a decent job. What makes it really effective is the boots.

As much as I like this figure of Mami, it does have one glaring flaw. Getting Mami to hold her rifle with one hand and point it upwards at a 45 degree angle or higher is difficult. The rifle is too heavy and it drags her arm back down. It is definitely possible, but a slight nudge will usually bring her arm back down. This normally wouldn't that big of a deal to me, but the promo pictures show her holding a rifle in that exact manner so I expected my Mami to replicate that pose with minimal effort. Sure, she can do it, but it feels like driving a car that frequently stalls.

In the end, I'm still overly pleased with her. My only regret is that it feels like my wallet bit off more than it could chew. Also, this figure of Mami is also really freaking big. Here's a comparison picture. I stuck with using products that more or less have the same size regardless of character.

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