Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Laura Bodewig Maid Ver. by Alter.

It's been just a bit short of a year since I pre-ordered Laura and her sudden release hurt my wallet quite a bit. On the other hand, I guess I technically saved money since the Japanese yen isn't a retarded powerhouse anymore. Oh well, at least she's finally released.

From what I heard, a bunch of Alter's figures were delayed because of some sort of quality issue from sharing a factory with Good Smile Company. Thankfully, Alter is a perfectionist so in the end I still received a figure that looks almost identical to the promo shots.

Laura's box isn't anything too special. I was expecting them to use mainly black and red to match the colors on her IS, so I was a bit surprised at the box when I saw it.

Before I get to the figure, I just wanted to show you how many optional parts she comes with. She comes with two hairstyles and two faces that can be swapped around. Along with her eyepatch you can make a bunch of different combinations. I'm lazy so I only took pictures of two of her possible poses.

Even the pistol is incredibly detailed. Jesus.

Alter's Laura does not fail to impress. Even when displayed in my least favorite pose, she still looks stunning.

One thing I didn't like is that there was nothing to keep the teapot and cup in place. They have no trouble resting on the tray, but it's still a bit annoying.

 Laura's stockings have a shine on them which I found quite nice.

And this is my personal favorite way to display Laura. Normally, I like it better when eyepatch girls show both their eyes, but for some reason I like Laura's eyepatch a lot. It might be because black and red are my favorite colors (black being #1) or maybe I like Laura's resemblance to a rabbit with her pale white skin, red eyes, and her IS giving her rabbit-like ears.

She really was worth the wait and the price. It was kind of a nice surprise that she was released shortly after the latest IS novel came out and the second season was announced.

I'm also going to cut back on buying figures and goods because of money issues, but I'm sure I'll probably crack sooner or later. I already did sort of. I also have my eye on two items that I'll instant pre-order when they show up. I just hope they won't be exclusive releases because I'm going to start questioning why I even have a wallet if they are.

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