Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Hybrid Active Figure Yuki Nagato by Azone

I found an opened box of this doll on Yahoo auctions and won it this time. She cost a bit more than I had expected due to a consumption tax on the auction, customs tax, and an absurdly large shipping box. Seriously, the box had so much empty space that Nagato's box was resting in a diagonal position. Pretty neat.

Nagato's box is made up of a slip cover over a white box. I found it a bit strange that it had a lot of English text on it. There's actually more English text than Japanese text if you don't count the warning disclaimers on the back.

The auction also included this Azone carrying bag. It was really dusty when I got it. I got rid of most of it, but I should probably just toss it in the washing machine anyways.

Since it was opened before, Nagato was fully assembled when I opened her box. So OBVIOUSLY, I striped her down naked to check for any problems, like stains. It couldn't be helped that I had to undress her until she was naked. Yeah.

Anyways, she was free of stains so I was happy. She also came with some sort of blouse negligee underwear? I don't know what it's called, but she came with a full set of underwear. I wasn't expecting her to because Azone's Misaki didn't come with a full set.

Azone's Nagato has painted eyes unlike her Dollfie counterpart. It's not that bad since it does do a better job at replicating her look in the anime.

For some reason, all the pictures I took of Nagato's upper uniform turned out extremely bright. Anyways, the Dollfie version of this uniform is definitely better quality. Some things that bugged me was that the skirt's zipper was on the back instead of the side and that her shirt had to be removed by pulling it through her head. That's just plain annoying. The skirt's buckle is also facing the opposite direction compared to the Dollfie's. This doesn't bother me, but I figured I should mention it.

If there's one part that Azone's uniform wins in, it's the socks and shoes. Not only do both of them look and feel better, but the shoes also have traction on them.

She's a nice addition to my doll collection and will probably be my last for awhile unless some Nigerian prince decides to send me his fortune after I pay transfer fees or something. She's a good alternative if you like the added mobility from double ball joints or don't want the Dollfie version of Nagato for some reason, but don't expect her to be cheaper. She's actually still in stock at YesAsia for an absurd price, but I would suggest to use it as a last resort if another one doesn't pop up on Yahoo Auctions. That was what I was planning before I won her.

I also obtained Volk's witch costume for Nagato. Dollfie Nagato was wearing it before I got Azone Nagato, but after taking these pictures I decided to put the entire costume, except the glasses, away. The reason why was because I noticed that Dollfie Nagato's legs were stained by the cape. When I saw them, I rushed to check Azone Nagato and she had minor stains on her legs as well. It's summer so the heat probably made the dolls more prone to staining. Pretty disappointing since I liked the costume and wizard robes in general.

I made Azone Nagato to be regular Nagato and Dollfie Nagato to be her disappearance variant in my mind. My ideal plan was for Nagato to use the witch costume along with her uniform while safe mode Nagato wore the glasses from the witch set and some casual clothing. That plan is kind of gone now. I'm thinking of trying to find a beige duffle coat, like the one she wears in the novels, for regular Nagato.

I also bought a guitar prop for her, but it looks like it's going to waste.


  1. Sucks about the clothing staining some of the figures :( But at least you caught it before it got too serious, I guess :)

    1. Yeah, it's not that bad. I'm already trying to clean the stains off. Although, Dollfie Nagato is taking multiple attempts to get rid of them fully.

    2. Just be careful not to accidentally do more damage whilst trying to fix it! :)

  2. Despite the greater resemblance to the anime version I think I prefer the usual doll eyes.

    I'm very jealous of your dolls. One day I too will be able to afford some.

    1. I prefer the usual doll eyes too.

      I hope that day comes soon.