Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Yuki Nagato Gekisou Version by Max Factory

I've had my eye on this figure for some time, but I sort of gave up on it because market demanded such a steep price for it. I'm not sure when the price for it dropped, but I'm not complaining. If I had to guess why it dropped, it would probably be because of the Nagato figure that came out recently from Kyoto Animation. I'm not too fond of that particular figure after seeing some reviews of it.

The box is pretty flashy and shiny. It's so shiny that it's reflecting the light source near it and making the picture look ridiculously bright. It stands out because of it and it gives me a hit or miss feeling. I personally prefer if it was more standard.

Not much to setup with this Nagato. The only part that may give you trouble is the black wire that connects the pedal and guitar. Connecting them is easy as pie, but making it look good is another story. The way mine ended still looks a bit off to me. Part of me wants to just take the wire off and forget about it. I did the same thing to the pink wire thing for my Miku Hatsune Love is War figure. I couldn't get that wire to look decent at all.

Nagato's guitar is stuck on to her, which is a slight disappointment. There are a bunch of small details that are quite nice. For example, Nagato's right ear has her microphone wrapped around it. It was actually fairly hard to notice and when I did, it took me a moment to realize what it was.

I have neutral feelings for her ring belt and boots. I would of liked a different type of belt much more.

The base isn't anything special. You can also see how easy it is to set her up.

Overall, a good figure. The wire still bothers me though. I'll most likely take it off soon because the more I see it, the more it bugs me.

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