Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Another Realistic Character Mei Misaki by Azone

I ended up buying Another doll. This one is made by Azone so I'll be comparing it to my Dollfie Dream quite a bit throughout the review.

The box is fairly simple. Just a rectangle black box with a sticker on it to show what it is. The cardboard is much thicker than the standard Dollfie Dream box. I actually prefer Azone's more since the Dollfie box looks empty and sad without the doll inside. There's also a hallway of the school in the sticker's background, which was a nice surprise considering I never even noticed it until I took a picture of it.

Azone is known for using painted eyes over acrylic eyes, but fortunately Misaki comes with the latter. I don't have a problem with painted, but if given the choice I would definitely pick acrylic. One strange thing that I noticed is that her eyes bulge out a bit. It becomes more noticeable when looking at her from the side.

Misaki's wig was much more difficult to put on compared to Nagato's. While Nagato's just plopped into place, Misaki's was a bit tricky. Basically, I had to hold Misaki still using my knees while I use both hands to stretch the wig over her head.

Misaki's hair in the back does this weird outwards curl at the end in the anime/manga and the wig does a decent job at replicating it. It doesn't look exactly like it and it does look a bit messy, but overall it still looks nice to me.

Misaki also has that one strand of hair on the side. It's hard to notice at most angles, but it is there.

I have to mention that her hair had a lot more volume compared to Dollfie Nagato.

Misaki comes with the summer version of her school uniform. I personally think that's a shame because I would of preferred the winter blazer.

The skirt had a brighter shade of blue than what I would have liked. It uses a velcro strip to open and close. A slight disappointment because I was expecting a zipper.

Misaki's knees and elbows are double jointed allowing for more mobility. However, the joints at her knees make this loud squeaking noise when moved. It's fairly loud and doesn't sound pleasant at all. I included a video so you can hear it too.

The shoes don't look that great to me, but they have traction on the bottom!

Misaki also comes with an eyepatch and metal base. I don't want her to wear the eyepatch since it seems like a waste to cover her eye and judging by the instructions, putting it on seems frustrating. The base is just a thin circle. At first glance it seems useless, but there are strong magnets in the soles of Misaki's feet. The problem is that the magnets don't work that well through her shoes. So in the end, the base is kind of useless.

Misaki is only slightly shorter than Nagato. Ironically, Misaki's box is larger than Nagato's in every way. Despite only having a slight difference in size, Nagato feels a lot more heavy compared to Misaki. Just like Nagato, Misaki doesn't come with a bra. Misaki's upper body and a certain area below her waist and above her knees is considerably softer than Nagato's. If you know what I mean.

Misaki has given me a good impression on Azone's larger dolls. I hope that they start using acrylic eyes more in their future works.

I'm also looking forward to the release of the first half of the Another novel in March. Sadly, it's a digital only release, but it's better than nothing.


  1. That sounds makes me think of styrofoam.

  2. She's really pretty.

    I don't really think of dolls as being placed on bases anyway, half the point of those delicious ball-joints is so you can pose them and put them in interesting locations.

  3. Cool, but where is that doo-hickie that covers her glass eye? Are they for sale?

    1. She comes with an eyepatch, but it's a pain to put it on her.