Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Remilia Scarlet by Gathering

I decided to buy one of the pre-painted figures from e2046, meaning this figure is a bootleg. I heard good things about their Gathering product line so I decided to take the risk. When it arrived, I was actually surprised at the quality. If I had to compare it to other companies, it would be something like Alter > GSC > this figure. Unfortunately, the figure itself is very fragile and it came with a broken piece. I have mixed feelings about it since it's only a small piece and I doubt any more padding could of prevented it.

The box is larger than most 1/8 figure boxes and the reason is because of all the padding inside. The entire box is filled with padding. The picture on the right shows how much there is and this is after I removed some so you could see the figure in its box.

Assembly is easy as there's only four pieces, which are two wings, one base, and the figure itself. Attaching Remilia's wings was much easier than I thought.

I don't have proper lighting anymore so you'll have to settle with somewhat blurry and dark photos. Actually, I never had proper lighting in the first place, but now I don't even have a makeshift improvised lighting. I wanted to wait for the weather to be brighter, but cloudy is the best it has been lately.

I wish the sculpt for Remilia's hair was a bit more detailed. Although, I suppose the main attraction here is the skull...and her flat chest. I mean, her face. Her face is pretty.

I think I may like the back of this figure more than the front. Remilia's back is sexy in an elegant way.

Cute shoes. The brick pillar adds a bit more to the plain black base.

Here you can see where a piece of the figure was broken. I don't think I can fix it superglue since the surface area is too small. I'll still attempt it once and hope for a miracle.

The base also has this Gathering nameplate on it. I'm assuming all the Gathering figures use the same base.

Overall, I'm half satisfied and half regretful of this purchase. The quality is much better than what I had expected, but the price tag was a heavy one. I suppose it's alright though. The Remilia figure I wanted before I chose this one was the one from T System's and it would have been around the same total cost if not higher.

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  1. I'm more impressed by the detail on that skull.