Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Super Sonico Gothic Maid Ver. with Bed Base by Gift

It's Sonico's birthday so here's a review of one of her figures! This Sonico was made by Gift and this one is the one that comes with the special bed base.

Front & Back

Top & Side

There's no visible windows on the outside of the box. Instead, they use a cover flap and the only window is hidden inside.

And here she is in a very lewd pose. She's actually fairly big since this Sonico is in 1/6 scale.

She had a more embarrassed expression in the illustration this figure was based on, but this face isn't bad either.

 Everything is in plain sight.

Her shoes are nicely detailed. Obviously, this is the first thing I noticed when I unpacked her. I mean, what else would catch my eye, you know?

The figure comes with two ribbons for you to use. The other ribbon is a spare. There's no instructions telling you how to tie her hands up so you just have to use whatever works.  And since I'm easily considered the bestest bow tyer professional in the world, this was the HARDEST task of my life. I'm not sure how long I took, but after several minutes of "What the fuck?"s, I decided that this was good enough.

Sonico isn't attached to the base in anyway so taking her off is really easy. She kind of looks like she's cowering in fear in these pictures.

There's an indent on the base showing how she should be placed on it. It does an okay job of holding her in place. The ribbon makes her a bit more stable as well.

The bed's railings can be separated from the bed. The base is pretty easy to assemble. I forgot to take a picture of them apart, but...

These kind of pictures are more fun to look at anyways!

Anyways, that's the review. There will be another one soon since I have a nice chunk of free time now. Although, something seems a bit off with my camera. It seems to have a harder time focusing on close objects and the pictures seem a bit more blurry than before. It might just be my head playing games on me.

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