Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Vita by Alter + Noroi Usagi

I'm still alive and rather than come back with another shitpost, I decided to finally do another figure review. Since I've been wishing daily for a camrip of the second Nanoha movie with no luck for the past month, I might as well pick Vita for this review.

Anyways, this Vita figure from Alter is based off her appearance in StrikerS. She's 1/7 scale, but since Vita is quite short it doesn't necessarily make her taller than other figures.

The box doesn't have anything that special to it. I did notice that the cardboard felt slightly thicker and stiffer than others. The background inside is a picture of Vita's magic circle. It's the same one as all of the other Wolkenritter. The box doesn't seem to have any promo pictures of the figure either.

Despite only having one support peg, Vita seems stable.

 As smooth as a table.

 Her ahoge is so long that it feels like it will break off.

 The metallic look on her footwear and Graf Eisen really stands out nicely.

 Vita comes with optional parts to let you choose which form you want Eisen to be in. This one is Raketen form and the previous pictures showed Eisen in his default form, Hammer form.

 This is Eisen's third form and is the only one that didn't appear in A's. I don't remember what this form is called since it only appeared for one scene and it had a long German name. Personally, I like this form the least.

All the optional parts separated.

You probably already noticed, but the base is just a white rectangle with some writing on it. It has Vita's info on it.

Very simple instructions.

There were some minor imperfections and this is the major one. It's not a big deal, I guess. Eisen's handle looked a bit strange when inspecting it really closely. It might be showing small signs of rust since the figure is 2-3 years old and the handle is made of metal.

There's a unison version of this figure too, which is basically just a recoloring of Vita's hair and clothing. I'm not a fan of the recolor of Vita, Signum, or Hayate when they enter unison form.

Eisen's possible rust worries me a bit, but I still enjoy this figure regardless. Raketen form is my favorite out of the three. Partly because I think Vita looks really cute when she starts spinning around. I'm also hoping Alter will make another Vita figure based off the second movie, but a part of me thinks they'll just make more Nanoha and Fate. Not that I mind or anything.

And here's something special since it's related. A replica of Vita's favorite stuffed toy. 

He can't stand or sit without falling over. His ears flop all over the place too. I wish they would gave his ears some sort of stuffing or backbone so they would, you know, be more...like ears...or something. Anyways, at least his fur is super soft and his bow tie is removable.

Super plain packaging.

The picture of Usagi on the package is ironic because the actual thing can't sit down and his ears can't stand up on its own.


  1. She looks pretty nice, as expected of Alter.

    Stuffed creatures never seem to sit how you want them to.