Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unboxing: Atelier Totori Premium Set (PS3)

It's time for Atelier Totori's unboxing! Totori is a direct sequel to Atelier Rorona: The Piemaker of Arland and it is also the prequel to Atelier Meruru, which recently came out in Japan. It also happens to be one of the few commercial games that jaypee talks about.


Anyways, on to the actual unboxing. Like always, I'll start off with the box itself.

Nothing special here. It's the regular cardboard box that most people are familiar with.

This bundle comes with the game's OST. What you see above is pretty much everything about it. The picture behind the CD is more or less the same as the back cover's except it's in black and white.

The last item in the set is an artbook. Unfortunately, it is another soft cover artbook. This is severely disappointing because the premium set for Atelier Rorona featured a hardcover book which was also larger than usual. Regrettably, I didn't purchase Rorona's premium set because I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the game that much. That and the lack of funds at the time. I really wish companies would start making hardcover artbooks instead, but I suppose they care more about being cost efficient to maximize profit.

I had a hard time trying to keep the book open while taking pictures of it. I didn't want to bend the spine so you'll have to bear with the terrible shots. Like before, I'll be showing you at least one page from each section. The first section are character profiles.

 The second section is fairly short as it only contains the backgrounds used in the game.

This is my favorite part of the artbook. They show the drafts of each character so you can see all the designs the staff were thinking about using. It's pretty neat because there are some that differ from the final result by quite a bit.

The last section is just some promo art. As you can see from the pictures above, this game is about alchemist fighting various monsters in their quest for research materials. 

If you ordered from the NISA store, your order would also include an exclusive double sided poster! According to NISA, the poster is made of a special material that will cause the creases to disappear with time. It's also water proof and tear resistant! Yay~

And finally, here's the game itself. Nothing special here. However, there was one thing that bugged me...

This will annoy me whenever I look at it.

That's that! There's not much to this premium set, but I will admit the poster is really nice. If anything, the poster is what probably sealed the deal for many people. NISA still has copies left on their online store, which isn't surprising as this isn't a very popular series. The DLC for this game is already up too. There isn't much, but there are three unlockable characters you can buy. For those who came here for the unboxing, that's the entire thing. The rest of this post will just be personal ranting because this is a BLOG and I must shitpost.

I was planning to do an unboxing of Dark Souls, but I was too frustrated and buttangry to do one after getting it. The tin box felt kind of cheap and they stuck the worst kind of tape on the bottom and top. You know the ones, the one that leaves gross residue after you peel it off. Practically all of the promised content except the artbook was replaced by downloadable pdf files. The artbook was hard cover, but the glue holding it together felt like it would fall apart soon. 

The European version contains a physical copy of the OST and the behind scenes DVD. Their artbook looks different and better too. So the only thing the NA version has that the EU version doesn't is a tin box with sticky stuff on it.

It's like I'm really holding it in my hands.

No use getting angry about it now, I guess. I'll decided to play Totori most of the time and switch to Dark Souls when my father is home. He likes to drop in my room to watch me play video games for a bit and I cannot imagine the amount of disappointment in his face if he were to watch me play Totori. 'Cause we all know that this game series is one of the most hardcore RPGs of all time, right?


  1. That artbooks looks so good. I love the art.

    I only played an Atelier game on ds, but I ragequit because I wasn't going to get the best ending because I forget doing some stupid quest and because I didn't get a gold medal in every contest. Does this happen too with the rest of Atelier games? In b4 gb2 play sims 3. (That's what I'm doing right now, dem horses man).

  2. Atelier games, really nice.

    loling and trolling at playing manly-games when your father watched

    reminds of that time I played some eroge

    -when suddenly a wild mother appeared

    -is this cp?

    -this is the very essence of my being

    -end of story.

  3. Sometimes I'm an Atelier also.

    I only really have a DS though.

    >complain consoles are too expensive at a few hundred
    >complain console games cost money
    >spend thousands on other stuff without much thought
    My life
    >Who are you quoting?

  4. I haven't played the game so I can't comment much on that, but the art looks gorgeous. If only I had a PS3.

    >You know the ones, the one that leaves gross residue after you peel it off

    I hate that stuff so much.

  5. I really want to play this series but I sadly don't have the money at the moment.


    I agree, I would rather play that than Dark Souls.

  6. >Does this happen too with the rest of Atelier games?

    I haven't played Atelier Annie on the DS yet, but getting the true ending in Rorona is pretty easy. I'm in new game+ in Totori for the true ending and it's a huge pain do accomplish. I don't remember if Atelier Iris was hard or not since it's been awhile.

    >In b4 gb2 play sims 3

    This made me smile.

    >>spend thousands on other stuff without much thought

    I do this with other stuff too. I've been holding off from buying a new HD for a year now, but I spend god knows how much on toys and games.

  7. Wow I have the cash to buy this at the moment but no time to play it! >:( looks really fun though. I love these types of games, it's really the reason I tell my friends I have a ps3. ("so I can play with little anime girls")