Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Alice Margatroid Mamisao Version By Griffon Enterprises

Today we have another figure from Griffon Enterprises. I know that I said I wouldn't get this particular figure, but with my new source of income I figured why not? This Alice is part of Griffon's "special" Touhou figures and it has a price tag to match its title. Sadly, the price tag doesn't reflect the quality of the figure. Before I start, I'd like to point out that I previously reviewed the regular version and it can be found here.

 The box doesn't have any interesting features.

"Magipulation" version. This is what is printed inside the box. I wasn't entirely sure if it was a real word, but according to Google it seems to be something that was mentioned in Imperishable Night. Now that I think about it, the box's design doesn't seem to match with Alice at all. Or maybe Griffon is being clever and making it resemble the Makai or something.

 The stand makes her very tall.

Alice isn't making much of an expression. I noticed that her bangs covered her eyes slightly, but it isn't something that bothers me too much.

The Grimoire of Alice. I happen to like the fact that Griffon decided to make the pages look worn and dirty to show its age. However, I'm not too fond on how small and off center the keyhole is.

Alice isn't doing anything with her left hand. Actually, she isn't really doing anything aside from floating. No wait, if she's just floating then why are her ribbons flowing like that? Oh well, I suppose it's just magic; it doesn't have to make sense.

 The stand goes into a naughty area.

Oh man, these boots. I love this type of footwear and it looks quite nice on Alice. But if you look in the picture in the right you'll see that the shoelace is missing on her left foot. Griffon's QUALITY control at its finest.

The base isn't that great either. It's just the normal from Griffon except it's white instead of black. Very disappointing when you consider Youmu and Remilia's bases on their special versions. You can't remove Alice from the base either.

 She also comes with Shanghai!

You can already see some crude paintwork on Shanghai in these pictures. The small size probably makes it hard to paint perfectly, but that doesn't excuse the random white lines on her dress. I wonder if the extra doll set will suffer from the same problems?

At least her lance looks cool. Shanghai also comes with another longer clear pole if you wish to display her at a greater height. The downside is that the longer pole makes Shanghai wobble from the slightest vibration.

The paint job on Alice seems better than what Griffon usually produces. Possibly due to the fact that this is a special version. The only major paint error that I found on Alice are these black spots in the picture to the right. You can't really notice them due to where they are though.

Malice Cannon ready to fire!

Overall, she's an okay figure. Is she worth the high price? Not at all, but I still got her because I like the character. I wouldn't say she's a bad figure either. It's just the price tag and Griffon's reputation that make people steer away from this figure. I don't blame them either.

Oh, I suppose I should include shots of what's under her dress as well. I don't normally do this for characters that I have a large amount of affection to, but I'll make an exception this time.

 Aw yeah. So hawt.


  1. Hmm, I do remember you saying how you're not planning on getting this. Well, as you said, it's not a problem when there's extra monies right?

    >The stand goes into a naughty area
    Can't unsee

    I probably wouldn't buy her due to the high price. I'm not sure if I'll buy her even if she's my favourite character too.

    The last pic reminds me of this:

  2. I'm sorry, but I didn't like this one very much =( The shanghai was nice though. I think the stand is too awkward, I prefer clear ones that don't really get in the way very much.


    Why do they do this? All of their other bases are black... I would be raging pretty hard if I got the figure and it turned out like that. It's a shame because it did have a little potential, but yet another reason to avoid GRIFFON ENTERPRISE figures until they fix their act if you ask me.

  4. I don't like the face on this figure and there's a lot of quality control issues. The pricing just hurts it even more.

    >Aw yeah. So hawt.

    I'll agree with you there.

  5. Weee so cute hehe

  6. >>I figured why not?

    figuring with figures, you are so awesome!

  7. Griffon's special edition figures are way too expensive in my opinion. Even the normal ones are too expensive.

  8. >it's not a problem when there's extra monies right?

    Yeah, money isn't really an issue for me right now.

    >another reason to avoid GRIFFON ENTERPRISE figures until they fix their act if you ask me.

    After getting this figure I'm not sure if I want to get their Kogasa. Kogasa looks really cute in their stock photos, but you never know how it twill turn out until you get the actual figure.

    >Griffon's special edition figures are way too expensive in my opinion. Even the normal ones are too expensive.

    They really are. This Alice especially seems extremely overpriced considering she isn't really that special.

  9. Since I stopped being a neet I should follow your example and get as many figurines I could order before losing my current job. I'm going to review your archives, maybe I fell on love with a touhou fig

  10. I really can't unsee the stand going into a naughty area.

    I agree on the boots, they're one thing I've always liked about her design. Little Shanghai's nice as well.

    I can't say I care much for her face though, and her pose does look a little uncomfortable.

    It's good that you got a pretty decent paint job on her, especially after the horror stories of some of the Griffon figs. Still, the fact that some paint issues are the norm rather than the exception for the Griffon line is bad enough in itself.