Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Black Rock Shooter Original Version By Good Smile Company (Re-release)

With two figures from the BRS universe already on pre-order I thought that it wouldn't hurt to get another. Haters gonna hate. I personally enjoyed the OVA even with the mediocre story and I'm sure most of you already know why.

Anyways, this figure is based off Huke's illustration of Black Rock Shooter and mine happens to be the re-release. From what I've heard the only real difference from its first run is that the skin tone is slightly more pink, or flesh tone, but people say it's not that noticeable unless you compare them side by side. I don't have the first run obviously, but I think the current tone is fine. If anything, I think this whole deal with the skin tone is mainly just a bunch of elitists that want the first run because, well... it's the first run. That's just my opinion though.