Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Kyouka Midarezaki by Good Smile Company

As some of you may already know, I have shit taste in music. This obviously means that I have shit taste in anime as well. Today's review is a character from the anime/manga/light novel Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. It's a wacky comedy series involving a group of people that may be the child of Enka, a vengeful creature that is capable of annihilating the human race. They gather this group together and form a family in hopes that whoever the child of Enka may be, they will be reluctant to destroy humanity due to their ties to their family.

This character is Kyouka, the mother of the make-shift family. She's my favorite out of the entire cast and I'm actually a bit surprised that GSC made figures from this series considering how obscure it is, or maybe it's actually really popular and I'm just ignorant. The figure came out a little under two years ago which made it hard to find even with the use of and Mandarake. I had pretty much given up on finding this figure, but I eventually found it for a price that was only a $5 over retail. Anyways, before I move onto the review here's a Youtube video of the anime's opening for those of you who are curious. You can tell exactly what kind of show this is from the opening.


Front & Back


I love this pose. It's not that fancy or intricate, but the pose shows off Kyouka's personality very well. The way she puffs out her chest combined with her energetic expression suits Kyouka, I can practically hear her voice inside my head when I look at this figure.

 Cat ears, tail, and an ahoge.

 She's 20 years old yet she still has DFC!

The only defect I could find on this figure was that small black smudge on the bell of her neck collar. Fortunately, I was able to remove it after taking the pictures with some handy work. The paint job on the bells and buttons give a nice metallic look.

Zettai Ryouiki

A simplistic base with a design with the name of the series printed on it. Kyouka doesn't actually need the stand, she's perfectly stable without it.


Kyouka is a dangerous being containing various qualities that are fetishes to many people. I'm glad I was able to get her, she's a great addition. But wait, there's more!

Kyouka comes with two Mini-Kyoukas! These Nendoroid Petits seem to be of a better quality compared to my Touhou ones. The stands are still a pain to use, but it is a bit easier. The tail can be turned to a different angle, but the stand interferes with it. One of them seem to be missing their ahoge, I looked all over for it, but I think GSC screwed me over with QUALITY again. The hair and face pieces also seem to have been made differently so swapping them with other Nendo Petits doesn't work that well, it can still be done however.

Hey, where's the box though? Well, shipping wasn't too friendly this time. No, I can't call it shipping, it was brutal and cruel. The pictures you are about to see is considered to be offensive to some people. Caution is strongly advised.



The box was mangled to death. Take a look at the picture of the bottom of the box. Seriously take a good look, how did that even happen? It was packaged a bit crappy, but what the fuck happened? At least the figure was protected by the clear plastic box thing.

I thought that the ahoge might have been lost during the "shipping", but it seemed unlikely. The two Nendo Petits were covered by a small sheet of plastic in addition to being in the clear box. It would have to fight its way out if it fell off the figure.



    >maybe it's actually really popular and I'm just ignorant
    I have never heard of this series before so I hope it's just under appreciated lol

    This anime looks quite cute and senseless, I'll have to try it out!

  2. >box was mangled
    It happened to me too man, I feel

  3. Oh god those shipping pictures. Damn. I don't even know how the package must've been handled for the bottom of the box to actually end up ripped.

    The facial expression on that figure's pretty nice. I don't know the series, but thanks to those pictures (dat ass) I might check it out.

  4. That's why I always ship through EMS. It's worth the extra money to not get your stuff mangled. Are you able to return it if the box looks like that?

  5. That tail is every mans best friend.

  6. I've been looking all over the place for a new series to try out, so I may give this a shot.

    It saddens me to see such poor handling...that poor box.

  7. >Are you able to return it if the box looks like that?

    Nope! It wasn't insured/registered so Canada Post won't do anything. I sent an email to the company I bought it from along with pictures of the unopened box, but I don't think they'll be able to help me.


    This why you always use EMS. Don't be cheap and spend the extra money. These pictures just prove what will happen if you don't.

  9. You mentioned this a while ago, I kind of vaguely remember the anime now that I saw the intro and looked at the pictures.

    It's a shame about the box, but at least she survived, and since it's an old figure I doubt they can do much to replace anything unless they just happen to have a few spares in stock.

  10. >Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

    Added to my backlog.

    And holy shit, that poor box. ;_;
    This makes me both sad and frustrated. Good thing the figure wasn't damaged, though. She looks nice.