Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Fate Testarossa -PHANTOM MINDS- by Alter

Alter has produced many figures of characters from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series and it's no surprise that they have become godly at it. Today I bring you a review of dat ass -Phantom Minds-, a beautiful figure of her appearance in the first Nanoha movie.

Like another blogger mentioned, the shipping cost for this was beastly. This figure shipped alone and initially cost 4770 Yen for SAL. I kindly asked AmiAmi to switch it to EMS as it was only 400 Yen more.

I don't usually include pictures of the actual shipping box in my reviews, but I think this one is an excellent exception. Brace yourself for for some DFC and dat ass, a deadly combination.

I decided to use my blu-ray player to demonstrate how huge this box really is. No wonder the shipping was so expensive. I also believe this to be the reason why AmiAmi suddenly gained more stock of this figure, many must have canceled after seeing their bill. My blu-ray player is a bit dusty and dirty from being inactive for such a long time. Even though it can play all these great CDs, DVDs, and blu-rays I just can't find much reason to use it anymore!

 Front & Back

Here is the figure's box fresh from the shipping box. This time I included a music CD for size comparison. Some consider Final Fantasy 13 to be a complete failure, but I disagree. The tracks in this album are beautiful and brings harmony to my ears. Many people dislike it because they bought it expecting a VIDEO GAME, a foolish mistake by them!

Again, I apologize if some of the pictures look a tad blurry. I had to take some of them from an angle to avoid reflections.


 Top & Bottom

The box's design is fairly simple. It consists of two main colors, yellow and black, to match with Fate's color scheme. The windows don't let you see much except the front view. A slight disappointment considering the gigantic size of the box, but the inside background does contain a magic circle used by Fate. Unfortunately, you cannot see them in my pictures as the figure and the window's glare is blocking it.

Some people were worried that the cape would include another pole required to hold it up, but Alter did a magnificent job on it. It holds itself up and from what I've seen, there has been no leaning issues.

I think the stock photos of this figure has a better face than what mine has. Maybe it's just me? Regardless, it's still a nice expression that suits this pose.

DFC. A nice surprise that I found was that her skirt can be moved around. It's not physically attached to the body. 

 Held her skirt up a bit.

The base has Fate's magic circle printed on it. I was a bit worried about how stable the figure would be with just two poles, but it's actually very sturdy. The poles slid into Fate's feet easily. They're also made of metal.

A Mahou Shoujo isn't complete without a magical device! Since the figure is based from the movie, Bardiche's axe form looks slightly different. Well, it looks more like an axe now.

 Gorgeous hair.

Dat cape

Another feature that makes this particular Fate stand out from the rest. She comes with Bardiche's three different forms, this one is Scythe form. Assembling the different forms isn't very hard, everything is shown with pictures and moonrunes in a handy booklet.

 Glaive form. It makes it's first appearance in the movie.

 The newest cast member in Katawa Shoujo.

For fate to use her Glaive form, you have to swap out her right arm and left hand. It was pretty easy to do, just make sure you have the right angle. She can also use Axe form with her alternative hand set, Scythe form is too large to be used here.

To top it off, fate comes with a separate stand to hold her alternative weapons! Unfortunately, it doesn't look that good if you hold both Scythe and Glaive form at the same time.

 Axe form's handle is shorter than Glaive and Scythe's.

 Alternate hand.


Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-
By Alter
+ Great pose
+ Fantastic sculpt & paint job
+ Alternative hand / weapon set
+ Weapon stand
+ Base & poles are very secure
+ / - Gigantic box
- Price tag to match
- Shipping costs

This figure completely devastated my wallet, but it was well worth it. Alter makes top tier figures the majority of the time and this figure is definitely one of their best. I'm even tempted to buy Fate's casual version or Nanoha Stand-by Ready from how satisfying this figure is.

I also want to bring up another topic as it is slightly related to this post. As you may have noticed, I like to joke about how the PS3 has no gaems. On a serious note, I enjoyed playing several games on my PS3, I even got addicted to a few. I may joke about the PS3 a lot, but I do appreciate the games that I have played on this system. While it may be true that there was not much of a selection when the PS3 was first released, I would like it to be known that it now has a wide variety of games to choose from, many of which are exclusive to the PS3. If I had to estimate, the PS3 now has roughly three times as much games compared to its release date.

Protip: 3 x 0 = 0


  1. veray nice figurine^__^

    ~5k for shipping really is hell, but as long the figurine is good every price is acceptable, if you have any money to start with...

    kind of unrelated question, but how big is a ps3?

  2. Oh wow, that really is huge! Not surprised that postage would be a beast with such a box. That's a great review. It looks like a really well-crafted fig. I wouldn't expect her to be secure on those poles, so that's good to hear.

    >DAT ASS

    It looks like it's shimmering ಥ_ಥ

    >I decided to use my blu-ray player to demonstrate how huge this box really is.

    Can't see shit, Captain!

  3. >DAT ASS
    It looks very well sculpted without being extremely lewd.

    I liked this review and thought the [icturws were very nice compared to the sudo QUALITY shots with old granny furniture I saw earlier.

    >This figure shipped alone and initially cost 4770 Yen for SAL. I kindly asked AmiAmi to switch it to EMS as it was only 400 Yen more.

    Aheheh~ And how much was the customs tax? You did get taxed right, right? RIGHT?!

    >you probably don't know what tax looks like

    Sometimes I hate the E.U.

  4. She's gorgeous! Excellent, well done review as well.

  5. That is a fucking badass figure. dat cape.
    All the cons have to do with money and nothing about the figure itself, that's great!! Money is nothing!

  6. So the figure is perfect if it weren't for the money? Interesting outlook.

    >DAT ASS


  7. >kind of unrelated question, but how big is a ps3?

    A little over 25 x 30 cm.

    >you probably don't know what tax looks like

    Don't worry! I know custom tax's good friend very well. His name is currency exchange!

  8. As much as I don't care about poses, that pose does look really nice.

    >3 x 0 = 0
    I shouldn't laugh at this.

  9. The cape and the hair are almost perfectly arranged and sculpted!

  10. what an obnoxiously HUEG box, but the dfc makes up for it

  11. Stunning. Only the best~

    >3 x 0 = 0

    And then I laughed. Still, that's a nice blu-ray player you have there.

  12. Wow, so shiny cape! She's a large and impressive figure.
    Shipping costs are a right bitch aren't they.

  13. Costed me a grand total of about $180 Canadian dollars (include shipping+tax), but it's worth every penny!

  14. >Costed me a grand total of about $180 Canadian dollars (include shipping+tax), but it's worth every penny!

    That's exactly how much it cost me too. Completely worth it for this fine piece of work from Alter!

  15. Such a beautiful figure.

    >I just can't find much reason to use it anymore!

    Can I have it then?