Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Yukari Yakumo by Kotobukiya

Front & Back


 Top & Bottom

Yukari's box is fairly large. Some of the shots of the box look quite shitty due to the fact that I had to take them from an angle to avoid myself appearing in the reflections of the windows. I couldn't hide my entire body so you can see my hams trying to keep the camera stable in some of the pictures. The way they made the side and front windows shaped like Yukari's gaps surprised me. That added with the glorious backgrounds inside truly give the box a nice touch.

After assembling it and examining this figure, I left it out for two days to observe it for leaning problems. I'm glad to say there were no problems. I'm satisfied with the detailing of the sculpt, but I can't say the same about the paint job. The major problem was the hair. If you couldn't notice them from the pictures above, here are some close ups.

What are those lines? I don't know, but they bug me. I'm a bit disappointed that Yukari's hair is just one shade of yellow also.

Here you can see Yukari without her parasol. The pole of the parasol goes in the small hole in her hair to connect to the handle which is in her right hand. The handle is stuck in her hand, but it can still pivot around. Getting the parasol into position isn't terribly difficult, the real problem is adjusting the red string.

Unfortunately, my Yukari arrived with some QUALITY control as seen in the left picture. Normally the two ends are attached to each other via glue, but mine arrived like this. I thought about repairing it myself, but the layer of glue coating the ends on the string make it very difficult to repair it. My problem aside, arranging the string to have an even amount everywhere around the parasol is a huge pain in the ass. There's nothing to keep the string in place so it can be messed up quite easily after you are done. The pole of the parasol is also made of metal.


I'm not particularly happy about the pink base, but I don't dislike it either. I don't think it really matters that much anyways considering how amazing that gap is. The figure is stuck onto the base with a screw so you can't take it apart normally.

Her gloves and stockings have a shine on them. 
I think it's a matter of personal taste if you like them or not.

 So rude.

The detail on the soles of her shoes is impressive. Personally, I would have preferred if Yukari came with more elegant and lady-like footwear, but this is okay too. Those curves are also very appealing.

You only get one because it's hard to get a good shot.

Yukari Yakumo by Kotobukiya
+ Great sculpt 
+ Unique pose
+ Sexy gap base
+ Panties
+ Fancy box
- String on parasol is annoying
- Hair's paint job has quality issues
- Figure is stuck onto the pink base

I'm satisfied with my purchase of this figure. The only real disappointment was how horrible arranging the string can be and the paint job on her hair. I guess the quality problem on my string as well, but that's a problem on my figure alone. I believe AmiAmi restocked on this and they still have some left at the time of this posting so you can still obtain one if you want. Griffon Enterprises and Phat Company are also producing Yukari figures to be released in the future so you may want to take a look into them.


Kotobukiya loves to include bonus items with their products and you can be sure Yukari came with one as well. This time they included a jigsaw puzzle of the illustration that this figure was modeled after. I haven't started to work on it, even though I want to, because it does not come with a frame.

 Front & Back

 Yes, it does. It sure does.

The puzzle comes with glue (the silver pack), tweezers, and some sort of thing. I don't really know. I included a USB stick in the picture for comparison purposes. As you can see, the pieces are very tiny.


  1. I kinda forgotten that the Griffon Yukari hasn't been released yet, so what I had in mind when you mentioned that you brought a Yukari figure a while ago was the other one.

    I guess you found this figure sexier than the other one huh?

  2. It sucks that your figure came with a defect. What I do like about it is the curves, as you mentioned. At first I didn't think the puzzle was small until you did the size comparison.

    >Estimated Time: It depends on you

    Lol, it sure does.

  3. I have her as well. Haven't taken her out off the box yet, though. It sure is a nice figure, but it seems like that string will increase my autism.

  4. Nice figures how much were those?

  5. >Nice figures how much were those?

    Roughly $90 USD.

    >I guess you found this figure sexier than the other one huh?

    This Yukari portrays her personality better in my opinion. The pose + gap makes it pretty special too.

  6. I'm liking the design and detail of this one. Looks like a great purchase. Shame about the paint job!

  7. >You only get one because it's hard to get a good shot.


  8. My Yukari came with the string attached but I broke it trying to distribute it evenly. I decided to fix it up with a bit of superglue but it's still not quite even, which is irritating. Like you said, the paint job won't be winning any awards either.

    I still like her though, the pose and detail really are good.

  9. When I was arranging the string on my Yukari I broke it too. My panicked solution was to seal the two ends with a bit of red acrylic paint, holding them until the paint dried them together. It doesn't look particularly nice (the paint is slightly darker, and the dried paint is thicker than the string) but I hide it from view and everything's okay.

    I like this figure a lot, but she sure has a shiny finish. In photos she comes out even shinier-- she looks very different in person.