Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Super Soniko Version 2 by Gift

Here comes the adorable Super Soniko Ver.2 plushie by Gift! I actually received her awhile ago, but I wanted to shitpost instead was waiting for the right moment to post my review of her! I-it's not l-like I ran out of things to post about or anything! That's just silly.

As you can see from the pictures above, you can remove her hood. I personally prefer to keep the hood on because her headphone strap is really flimsy. The hood itself is very cute, it has cat ears and a tail attached to it! It also has fluff, everyone loves fluffy stuff.


Soniko's shirt tends to roll up slightly. It isn't that terrible, but it is a bit annoying. She also comes with a make-shift necklace. I don't really know what those are called, but I remember seeing them a lot when I was younger.

Her headphones have to straps that run along her head. The black one seems to be attached very strangely in the middle of her head. It's quite an eyesore which adds more reason to keep her hood on. Her tag isn't anything special, just the same that you can expect from all of Gift's plushies.

Chinese Soniko

Super Soniko Ver.2 by Gift
+ Adorable and fluffy
+ Detachable hood
- Flimsy headphone straps

Despite the unattractive aspects of the headphone straps, this was well worth my money. It was only 2400 Yen at AmiAmi and it seems to have sold out instantly when it was released. I can't stress how cute I think this Soniko is.
On a completely different topic, I haven't been posting or commenting that much due to a lack of motivation. No word from any past interviews yet which is depressing.


  1. SO ADORABLE. I love the look of her outfit and 'phones.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hate the material from which the headphones are constructed, I can just tell. Still adorable, though.

    >I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I WANT her. Lots. I didn't even know that this plushie existed until now, and of course she's sold out at AmiAmi. Probably for the best though, I have so many preorders to pay for between now and summer anyway...

  4. I don't really like animu plushies like this but she's pretty cute X) Her hood is cute! But the headphones are kind of wonky looking haha

  5. that cap is very familiar

    she must be chinese ...

  6. Why did you show me this? Now I want one. ;_;

    It's okay if you want to go full yukkuri mode. Stress is something nobody should be feeling.

  7. Nice, just asking did you show a collection of the stuff collected on camera?
    > No word from any past interviews yet which is depressing.
    Don't worry you have our support.

  8. She is very cute, I love Soniko!
    Relax and get a cold drink, you'll feel a bit better

  9. She looks absolutely precious. The hat oddly suits her, too. Must be something about green/pink going together.

  10. She is like a vortex of cute; huge eyes, pink hair, plus a cat on her shirt fsdsdgsdsd!

  11. sorry but she's a bit creepy lol I feel as if her eyes would like to devour my soul

  12. >Chinese Soniko
    How cute!

    >lack of motivation
    It's the season for that apparently.

    It's a shame about the middle of the head, but GIFT are like the Griffon Enterprises of plush toys.

  13. So cute. ;_;
    >Why did you show me this? Now I want one. ;_;

    >I hope you feel better soon.
    And that everything works out.

  14. She's so freaking cute.

    I was hoping to get the Patchy plush that went up again recently, but money issues now. Was hoping it'd still be up until after the court case in the event that my ticket charge gets lowered but it's already sold out on pre-orders.

  15. that's a really cute plushy, there are so many touhou plushes I would like to buy^_^