Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Super Soniko Version 2 by Gift

Here comes the adorable Super Soniko Ver.2 plushie by Gift! I actually received her awhile ago, but I wanted to shitpost instead was waiting for the right moment to post my review of her! I-it's not l-like I ran out of things to post about or anything! That's just silly.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Alice Margatroid by Griffon Enterprises (Re-release)

There's nothing really special about Alice's box. It's a standard box from Griffon Enterprises. I didn't include any shots of the top, bottom, and sides as they look identical to the front or were very plain. The background that you can see through the front window shows a pink background with a window containing silhouettes of dolls. If there's anything worth mentioning about this bix, it would be it's size. It's fairly small compared to other 1/8 PVC figures. Due to its size, the shipping cost was a lot lower than I had expected.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Yukari Yakumo by Kotobukiya

Front & Back


 Top & Bottom

Yukari's box is fairly large. Some of the shots of the box look quite shitty due to the fact that I had to take them from an angle to avoid myself appearing in the reflections of the windows. I couldn't hide my entire body so you can see my hams trying to keep the camera stable in some of the pictures. The way they made the side and front windows shaped like Yukari's gaps surprised me. That added with the glorious backgrounds inside truly give the box a nice touch.