Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Revoltech Enkidu by Kaiyodo

It's Enkidu's turn up! I was able to get him for the low price of 1000yen from Mandarake. The box is actually really small, only slightly bigger than a regular book. Nothing special about the box either, it's just a regular old box.

The stand is the standard that you get from Revoltech products. Its uses are limited since you can only adjust the peg at the top slightly. Sure, the peg itself can be adjusted to a lot of angles, but since it can only be inserted into Enkidu in one way...

This is what happens.

He practically comes with no accessories at all. What are these then? He has two sets of hands, a pair of fists and a pair to hold his sickle-like weapon. The weird blade looking thing is the handle of his weapon. You take the blade off his head and then attach the handle onto it. The top right item is an alternative piece to the armor section above his eyes. It has no real differences between the two except that one of them does not have a ridge in the middle. He also comes with a pair of calfs, the leg part. Yeaaaah...they're exactly the same as the ones on him except these ones have a purple sphere on them. I think it's supposed to be the flying devices or something, but I'm not too sure. Putting in the alternative legs and hands was a real ordeal as well. It took a great deal of force to get them into place unlike the ones that were already on Enkidu.

I noticed some slight errors in paint, but nothing too bad. It was mainly just small dark lines in his white armor. They're a bit more noticeable than usual because of the color differences, but I didn't expect great work from a Revoltech figure anyways.

Enkidu's expressions are priceless. 

 Don't mind me. Just flexin'

Revoltech Enkidu
+Slick weapon
+Great mobility
- Terrible stand
- Almost no accessories
-Revoltech QUALITY in a few spots

Enkidu is okay overall. I probably wouldn't have bought him if he was priced at retail value or higher. The lack of accessories just doesn't make him worth it unless you really like this mecha. This review feels pretty short, but I just can't think of anything to say about Enkidu. If you're familiar with the Revoltech line then you can expect the normal from him.


  1. I just want an Enki to complete my GURREN WING. Enkidu is low on my list.

    You covered everything, pretty much. He's pretty bland, even for a Revoltech, although that face makes him pretty expressive.

    >Revoltech QUALITY

  2. You're completely right, Enkidu's expressions are priceless xD !

    But I so much want this Enki :p !

  3. I can't say I like as much as the previous figures, but it was cheaper, right?

  4. Enkidu seems like your typical Revoltech, cheap and satisfying.

  5. At least you got him at sale price. Can't say much more other than this is what Revoltechs represent.

  6. This is really a change of pace from the usual moe. Not bad though for only 1,000 yen, and I assume it came in all right too.

  7. even if it is cheap, it's still pretty bad ass.

    I'm eventually getting a Figma or Revoltech sometime.

  8. This character looks awesome! xD Though the quality does have me a little worried from your review doesnt seem to bad. and im not all to worried about the accessories either. Time to go take a look right now then! xD

  9. >I just want an Enki to complete my GURREN WING.

    Thank you. I was wondering where I'd seen this character from.

  10. The expressions make me lol. Shame about a lack of accessories!

  11. click click click
    ARRRHH That sound when you can't quite get the right angle on the revo joint!