Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review: Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet by Good Smile Company

Here comes the mistress of the night, Remilia Scarlet! I don't usually collect Nendoroids, but I figured I should at least get one or two. Remilia's box is roughly the same size as a Figma box, give or take some. The box itself isn't very fancy, but the side windows were a nice touch.

 Some standard poses.

The sculpt and paint jobs were surprisingly good. I did notice some slight errors in the paint, but they were so small I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't exam her thoroughly. She doesn't have a lot of mobility though. Aside from her arms, not much else can be moved a lot. You can turn her legs, rotate her head, and move her wings up/down. Orange Drink mentioned that the wings fell off easily and they do. You can secure them fairly well if you give them a real good push into their sockets, but they become loose if you try to move them.  Remi's GIANT head hinders the wings from moving too far up as well.

 Her stand and accessories.

Three faces, her trademark spear, two set of arms, and an extra arm used to hold her spear. I forgot to include the other set of arms in the pictures, but you can see them in the box pictures earlier. I actually like the designs on the base quite a bit. The cross makes me think of a "twinkle" effect on the moon as well. Performance wise, it was okay. The stand secured Remi, but she still wobbles when I simulate ground tremors with my virtual reality device. It does take a very powerful force to actually knock her over though. It doesn't use any pegs or anything so it's understandable. The good side is that it means Remi doesn't have any holes in her soles or back.

I love Remi's hat. I thought it was going to be wobbly, but was I wrong. It uses grooves to stay in place and was I surprised at how well it worked. The grooves aren't apparent on the figure either which really pleased me. You might be thinking that I'm exaggerating, but I'm completely serious.

 Dat hat.

Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet
+Great sculpt/paint job
+Amazing hat
+So moé
-Wings fall off easily
-Limited figure

I'm really satisfied with Remilia being my first Nendoroid. If you want a cute Remi figure then look no further, this is the figure you want. There are a few left on Mandarake for decent prices, just type in レミリア in the search engine. Remember that Mandarake charges a 500yen fee for orders below 5000yen and you cannot use SAL shipping unless you pay with a credit card. Otacute also has Remilia up on back-order.

Look at that smug face. Remi knows she can get away with anything like a boss.


  1. Those side-windows are a nice touch indeed! Looks like a nice figure. Don't have any Nendoroids yet myself, but considering their size I wouldn't expect much in the articulation/mobility department.

    >Final image
    Dat face is the universally-recognizable depiction of SMUG.

  2. >Look at that smug face. Remi knows she can get away with anything like a boss.

    She's such an ojousama.

    I'm pretty skeptical about nendoroids too but this seems quite nice. The mini nendroid sets looked nice too... My money tree isn't doing so well this winter though.

  3. Sweet. I've never seen a Nendoroid unboxing like that. Glad to hear you're happy with it.

  4. Is Remi going to stab Sakuya, or is Sakuya having a bad period!?

  5. Sakuya is gonna get butthurt?

    >Look at that smug face. Remi knows she can get away with anything like a boss

  6. I like the look on the face in the last picture xD so classic. Looks like a good figure altogether though will definatly give that a look see!

  7. All of her faces are great. Such a cute figure~

    >I simulate ground tremors with my virtual reality device.


  8. When I was going to buy this figure on its first run, it was sold out the day I scraped up the cash for it. Now I have to pay double the original price if I want it ;_;

    At least I still have the Flandre Nendoroid I put on my Christmas list and hopefully got someone to pre-order for me.

  9. oh god
    the last series of pictures made me smile


  10. that's an awesome figure! love the shot with the weapon close-up!

  11. That smug face is enough to make me want her. Too bad my wallet probably never will be ready.