Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Figma Yuki Nagato + Wizard Version

Today I'm going to feature two figures as they're almost exactly the same. There are two Yuki Nagato figures in the Figma line and I happen to have both of them. The major difference is the second one comes with different accessories. It feels a bit of a waste to have two figures of the same character, especially when it's from the same maker...and product line.




The wizard version comes with a lot more accessories compared to the regular. The downside is that the tea set and cat seem kind of pointless. The cat is just...there. You can't do much with it. The tea set is nice but Yuki can't actually hold the cups or circle board thing securely. They feel like stage props at best. The detail on the back of the sign board is a nice touch but the front uses stickers. They give you four stickers in total, two unique. The wizard cape is a HUGE pain to put on and you can't really use the guitar without the cape. Why? Without the cape Yuki is too skinny for the guitar strap. You can still get it to work but it falls off very easily. She also comes with two extra hands for the guitar. The hat falls off easily as it isn't attached to anything.

Regular Yuki's accessories are a tad boring but at least she can use them to some extent. She looks a bit awkward when sitting on the chair because her skirt limits her movement. She can hold the books but you have to use her body to hold them in place. This reduces the amount of poses she can do greatly. What could this version possibly have to match par with the wizard? GLASSES. This version comes with Yuki's glasses and everyone loves glasses. You can't use them on the wizard version either as they don't fit. This Yuki also comes with her cardigan which cannot be removed. Here are some more pictures.


You have to take the head off to put the cape on.

Snapping the cape together is surprisingly hard.

You thought Saber was defeated?

Now you see me for what I REALLY am!

I will never die.

Even Yuki doesn't know what this cat is for.

Yuki is stealing the spotlight!

Miku is not amused.

+ Accessories are easy to use
+ Glasses
+ Cheaper? and easier to find
- Accessories are on the boring side
+ A lot of fun accessories
+ Looks awesome with the cape and guitar
- Pain in the ass to put on the cape and guitar
- Looks a bit weird without the cape
- Expensive?

In the end, which one you prefer is really up to you. They both have their up and downs. Revoltech also has a wizard version of Yuki Nagato but Revoltech is infamous for their amazing quality control. I regret getting both versions but oh well.


  1. Nice post. Thanks for clearing up the differences between them. I need a Yuki to add to my Haruhi and Mikuru.

    I didn't expect Miku to act so hostile ;_;

  2. Miku seems to be slightly upset.

    >You thought Saber was defeated?

  3. Lol, very cool stuff. Brings me back to the days I use to collect.

  4. Laughed at some of the pictures.

    It's very close, but I'd say the regular one is superior. Books, glasses, and CHAIR.

  5. Something looked off with the regular ones extra face, but I can't put my finger on it.

  6. Oh, I like the regular one more, although the wizard one has a better looking outfit. Also, very nice Miku figure, who makes it?

  7. @Watermelon

    She's also from the Figma product line by Max Factory. She may be tough to find due to her popularity.

  8. I love your photos, Saber is some sort of undying monster haha

  9. The schoolgirl is gorgeous, I'm jealous you have it XD