Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Burst Angel Meg by Alter

Today's featured figure is actually the first one I bought. It's pretty old and I have to admit I didn't keep very good care of it. I mentioned before that part of the rifle broke off when I was moving to a new house which is depressing. I also don't have the box for it anymore.
The actually series, Burst Angel or Bakuretsu Tenshi, was pretty bad. An original series by GONZO involving girls in skimpy clothing with guns. Even though the story was horrible I still ended up liking the series. I don't know why, I just did. Almost every story arc involved Meg getting kidnapped and Jo saving her. I ended up putting the opening song on my playlist too. It grew on me after awhile and it was pretty funny seeing the subbers guess what the lyrics were due to the Engrish.You also see Meg's rifle in action around halfway through.


 I don't like the yellow pantsu that much.

You don't really need the stand. It turned a bit yellow after awhile too.

Burst Angel Meg
+ Nice details
+ Paint job was nicely done
+ Doesn't need her stand at all
+ DAT RIFLE, you can also remove it
- Stand looks boring
- Hard to find now
- Some parts can break off easily (ahoge)
- Yellow pantsu
- Meg was pretty useless in the show

I like this figure quite a bit. There was another Meg figure by another manufactorer but it looked pretty QUALITY so I'm sure this is the superior choice. I'm not exactly sure why they didn't use another color for the pantsu since yellow is unattractive. The black lines on her bag are a bit ugly but it doesn't bother me that much. This figure holds a special place in my collection since it encouraged me to buy more. It's a shame mine was damaged during the move.


  1. FUUU-- I love her hat.
    I've also been meaning to watch this.
    D': It looked pretty good~

    I also don't know much about these things. . .other than I bought one. . . and it turned out to be one of those Korean-knockoffs. . .
    made me sad man. made me sad.
    B--But this one looks really good.

  2. She looks nice, except them yellow pantsu.

  3. I hope you felt ashamed while you were taking some of those pictures. =p

  4. It still looks nice for not being quality.

  5. All in all, pretty nice figures.

  6. lol! I have that figurine! I make it hold my wacom tablet pen xD

  7. Looks pretty good despite breakage, I like that rifle.

  8. When my figurines come in the mail im going to be extra careful to make sure no sun touches it.

    Still great sculpt!